“When you play the Game of Thrones – you win or die.”

Game of Thrones has released their final season’s teaser promo. And it got us in the feels. REAL BAD.

Read more for the video and what is in store for season 8!

The Trailer

The teaser for the LAST SEASON of Game Of Thrones has been released and it is more than we could have wished for.

All the characters

TV Promos released this trailer and it shows a lot of very important, dramatic, nail-biting events and scenes that have taken place throughout the whole series. From Jon Snow drawing his sword and standing in front of a large attacking army – to that OMG scene where Cersei Lannister repents for her sins by walking naked through the kingdom.

We are reminded of events that played a CRUCIAL part of the whole season. The fall that left Bran paralyzed; we see Danny with the baby dragons and evil King Joffrey and Sansa’s relationship.

VOX hodor


Hodor (HOLD THE DOOR – please never forget this scene – ICONIC) makes an appearance as well as the short-lived romance between Jon and Ygritte. (Turns out he does know something). We are also reminded of the EPIC wildfire scene where all of Cercei’s enemies are blown up.

Via Sensacine.com Game of thrones

Every battle, every betrayal, every alliance, every risk, every fight, every sacrifice, every oath and every death is all #FORTHETRONE

Ned Stark


The final season will be starting in April 2019 and we CANNOT WAIT. We will also be binge watching the previous seven seasons to make sure that we do not forget (like the North never forgets) about any of the vital scenes. In the meantime, we will also be brushing up on our Song of Ice and Fire fan theories and conspiracy theories that there are – just so that we can be those losers at a braai talking about this in a small circle for hours on end.

Game of Thrones

YAAAAAAS. We cannot decide whether we are more sad or more excited about this season. Will we be watching every episode more than once – YES. Will we be watching the analysis videos the next day – ALSO YES.

We do completely understand that the GOT fandom is crazy and weird – but you cannot judge if you have not seen an episode. It is truly a work of art. The detail, landscape and scenery and the intricacy of the whole series is mind-blowing.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments below. WE ARE DYING.


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