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If you don’t know who or what ‘Kids See Ghosts” is, we don’t know what rock you’ve been living under. Kids See Ghosts is the name of an album that was released by Kanye and Kid Cudi in June. The duo recently performed at Tyler, The Creators, Camp Flog Gnaw festival in Los Angeles – under their album name, Kids See Ghosts.

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Lorde, have mercy!

On Thursday, Lorde posted some images on insta comparing her 2017 tour set to that of Camp Flog Gnaw. In both images, one can see transparent, enclosed stage area that is suspended above the ground. Lorde didn’t call out Kids See Ghosts by name on insta however, but if you know – you know. She did say, “I’m proud of the work I do and it’s flattering when other artists feel inspired by it, to an extent that they try it on themselves.” She added, “But don’t steal – not from women or from anyone else – in 2018 or ever.”  Can you hear those crickets or it’s just us? #Awkward


Lorde isn’t afraid to voice her thoughts and to wear her  emotions on her sleeves, we aren’t referencing her songs but we’re having a flashback to the 2018 Grammys. At the Grammys, Lorde had a piece of paper attached to her red dress and some of the words it read were, “Rejoice! Our times are  intolerable. Opposition identifies and isolates the enemy. Conflict of interest must be seen for what it is.” These words were from an excerpt by Jenny Holzer, an artist.

It is clear that the “Writer In The Dark” singer is very adamant about female voices being heard. She was the only female nominee for Album Of The Year at the Grammys and later thanked her fans for “believing in female artists”

No Response?

Neither Kanye nor Kid Cudi has clapped back or responded concerning Lorde’s accusations, unfortunately.

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The question remains though, did the Kids See Ghosts duo really find inspo from Lorde or is the singer just overreacting? Let know what you think in the comment below!

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