The classic 90’s scrunchie has been revived and is making its way back into our drawers to add that one last spark to our summer outfits! That’s right girls, say goodbye to mundane hair ties and bad hair days and be CHIC AF with these eccentric hair accessories.


Sex  And The City:

If we can take anything from the iconic Sex and the City series, let’s not forget how Jack Berger fiercely defended the scrunchy when Carrie Bradshaw was adamant that no New Yorker in her right mind would ever wear one. Things has clearly changed since then and it’s no secret that the trendy scrunchie is not only loved by us but by our fav celebs as well.

Image via: Man Repeller

Hailey Baldwin and Selena Gomez:

Whether you’re going for Hailey Baldwin’s sleek and effortless look or fallen in love with Selena Gomez’s stylish fish plait, the scrunchie has got you covered! Fast-forward to 2018 and we are finding scrunchies made in a variety of lush fabrics such as velvet, cotton, satin and anglaise. You can get them in various bright or monotone colours with a choice between playing it safe and wearing them plain or being a risk taker and getting them in bold prints.

To add that extra sparkle, you can also find them bedazzled with pearls and other haberdashery. Scrunchies are not only the season’s fashion statement but also has quite a few perks for us, girls. They are friendlier to our hair causing less damage, breakage and hair loss compared to rubber bands and hair elastics with limited flexibility. They are also super comfy and perfect for both long and short hair accommodating most hairstyles from a high pony to an Ariana Grande inspired half up and half down look.

P.S: Just because your hair is loose doesn’t mean you need to miss out on the trend. Wear your fav scrunchie on your arm as a fashion accessory – it looks fab!

Here are some of the best retailers to shop the trending scrunchy:

Shop Stealing Lucy:

@shopstealinglucy is a local Instagram business based in Cape Town that makes the most beautiful handmade scrunchies. Their scrunchies are priced at 3 for R140 or 4 for R180 and they offer free delivery in the CBD. You can also shop their scrunchies at the Better Half store located at 114 Lower Main Road, Observatory.


 Shop the 2 pack velvet scrunchies for R79 or the mini scrunchie set for only R49.

K N O T:

We’re all in favour of supporting local businesses so we found @knot_forhair which is an Instagram business situated in Stellenbosch. They sell both plain velvet and vintage scrunchies at an affordable price of R30 each.

Cotton On: 

2 pack monochrome scrunchies: R79
Printed scarf scrunchie: R119
Bow scrunchie: R49

Shop this gorgeous accessory both online and in-store and don’t forget to tag us in your pictures wearing your fav scrunchie! Let us know which is your favourite scrunchie? Comment below!

Stay TrendE.