Modest fashion is a fashion where one wears less skin-revealing clothes as well as no skin tight fitting type of clothing. Modest not only refers to the type of clothing you wear but also refers to your character. Have you ever heard the saying ‘you are what you wear’ ? This is a very controversial quote but it definitely have a deep sense of meaning. Modest clothing are not only for cultural obligations but rather it’s a fashion for anyone who doesn’t like the idea of wearing racy clothing. Modest fashion is not a forced cultural obligation, it’s a choice.

Modest Fashion

Today we will be showcasing some amazing places where you can shop for modest clothing and how to style them

In order to style and create a ‘modest’ outfit, you need to make sure the clothing covers your body and is not revealing any skin besides your face, hands and feet. There are different types and opinions on how to wear modest clothing but we will only focus on wear to find modest clothing and how to wear it! 

1. The Maxi Dress: 

Maxi dresses (long dresses) screams modest as it covers your body. One can style a maxi dress with a shirt, blouse or any top you’d like underneath your maxi dress. Not only will it look modest but it will look so chic and elegant! Complete the look with some of your favorite accessories. Mr Price has got some amazing inexpensive maxi dresses. If you do purchase a skirt or dress that’s mid length, you can style it with jeggings or tights underneath to make it a more modest look.

Mr Price
Image via: Mr Price Online

2. The Trousers:

Wide pants/trousers is a must-have for any causal modest outfit! You can style it with a long sleeve crop top/jersey, blouse or shirt. Wide pants/trousers doesn’t cling to your body which prevents revealing the figure of your body which makes it more modest. Once again Mr Price has got a wide range of stunning affordable wide pants/trousers.

Image via: Mr Price Online

The Oversized Jerseys:

Oversized jerseys goes amazingly with jeans! You can wear any tips of jeans with the oversized jersey because it covers your backside. A great place to the best looking oversized jerseys is at H&M!

Image via: Superbalist

The Kimono’s: 

Kimono’s are the best for the summer days as well as beach days. Kimono’s can be worn with trousers or jeans, or can be worn over a dress/skirt. This is a excellent exclusive modest summer piece of clothing. You can find Kimono’s at H&M too!

Clothing Kimo
Image via: H&M Online

The Jumpsuits: 

Jumpsuits works best when you’re too lazy to style a outfit, you can just throw on a jumpsuit with some shoes and head out. Jumpsuits are more modest than playsuits. You can style a short sleeve jumpsuit with a long sleeve or 3 quarter sleeve top/blouse underneath. To save you from those kind of troubles, it’s best to get a long sleeve jumpsuit. Superbalist have some cool jumpsuits.

Image via: Superbalist

 We hope that this post was informative and has inspired to you go and shop for some modest clothing items! Like and comment down below and tell us – What is your favorite modest clothing piece is and what item will you be purchasing soon? 

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