Having great skin can boost your self-confidence. Having problem skin can make you feel uncomfortable and self-conscious about what others might say about your skin. We’re here to give you tips on how to keep your skin fresh and glowing from within without having to use makeup!

It’s important not to use too many different skin care products as it contain many different ingredients and chemicals. Here are 7 tips to keep your skin healthy and glowing naturally:

Skin Care
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1. Stick to what you know :

Use only the skin care products that works for your skin and that you’re familiar with. If you’re into trying out new skin care products, first test it onto your hand before applying it onto your face. Your face is the most sensitive, you don’t want to clog up your pores unnecessarily. Clear unused products, don’t keep them standing on your shelf, it could be expired. Check the symbol to see how long a product can be kept after opening it.

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2. Drink water:

For healthy natural glowing skin and body, drink lots water on a daily basis. It’s important to keep your skin hydrated; water helps flush out harmful toxins from the skin cells.

Skin Care
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3. Get some rest:

You need to get up to 8 hours of sleep everyday, while you’re asleep your skin revived through a process called microcirculation. This is when your body circulate oxygen and blood to your skin in order to repair and build skin cells. Sleeping also prevents getting dark circles and puffy eyes.

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4. Use SPF:

It’s vital for you to use a moisturizer or BB cream that contains SPF. You want to protect your skin against the dangerous UV rays of the sun. If you do not use an SPF moisturizer, your skin is prone to get wrinkles and saggy skin at an early stage.

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5. Bedtime:

Ensure you cleanse your face properly before you get into bed and call it a night. Removing the dirt off your face before you go to sleep is vital, your pores can get clogged up from all the dirt. If you’re battling with an oily skin, you should be cleaning your skin at least 3 times a day.

6. Face masks:

Face masks is good refreshment for the skin, it will also help revive the skin. An over night mask works the best. Find a suitable face mask for your skin and implement it into your skin care routine.

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Two of our favorite overnight face masks are:

Skoon Face Mask:

• Skoon Ruby Marine overnight hydrating mask; it hydrated your skin overnight, this is perfect for dry skin conditions.

Price: R249 (15ml)

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Tea Tree Face Mask:

• Tea Tree anti-perfection night mask from The Body Shop; ideal for blemished skin. It’s infused with tea tree oil, the main ingredient. It’s a must have for blemished skin!

Price: R195 (75ml)

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7. Satin Pillowcases:

Consider sleeping on a satin pillowcase. Cotton pillowcases tends to attract dirt and clog up your pores as you sleep, it’s caused by the constant friction between your skin and the cotton; this can break down your skin’s collagen.

We hope that these skin care tips are helpful and that you will implement these steps into your daily skin care routine!

Do you have any useful Skin Care tips? Let us know in the comments below!

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