It has been extremely hot in Cape Town lately! Due to the hot weather we’ve been experiencing – we have decided to fill you in on a couple of places in and around Cape Town that you should consider visiting to keep you cool this summer. Here they are:

1. Skinny Juice Co: Woodstock

The first place to check out is the Skinny juice co in Woodstock. This place sells fresh pressed organic juices to quench any thirst. The ambiance is great too and you are sure to leave hydrated and feeling cooler than when you walked in. Their juice come in a wide variety of flavors and are nice and crisp on the tongue. These guys come in 500ml bottles and are also a very healthy alternative to staying cool instead of opting for things like gassy cold drinks. If you don’t know what to have try having “Crumble” it has pear as it’s core ingredient and tastes divine.

Address: The Masons Press, 7 Ravenscraig Road, Woodstock, Cape Town

2. Crumbs and Cream: Sea Point

The second place is crumbs and cream. Come on you didn’t seriously think we’d compile a list of this nature and not include ice cream. Ice cream without summer is like Dumbleodre without a beard, Ron without Hermione and crab without Goyle; it just doesn’t make sense!

Crumbs and cream is really a place to visit. Although for us it’s a bit on the sweet sweet side it’s so delicious it’s still worth mentioning and visiting. I mean it’s ICE CREAM SURROUNDED BY COOKIES!! What’s there not to love! You are given the choice of having two different cookies with your ice cream and the portions are very reasonable. We particularly enjoyed the hazelnut Chocolate ice cream nursed in a brownie cookie. Honestly guys we don’t know what more to say it’s cookies with ice cream! Go check them out and tell us about your experience.

Ice Cream
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Address: V&A Watershed, V & A Waterfront, Cape Town AND Waterfront, 16 Regent Road, Sea Point, Cape Town

3. Nourish’d: Kloof Street

And lastly we’ve decided to add a good smoothie on this list. These are so convenient as they are are blend of both worlds like juice, “mylk” and fruit! If you are looking for something with weight but still feels just right then head to Nourish’d. There smoothies are organic and have a high nutritional value. They are also served in 500ml glass jars tre chic! Plus super environmentally friendly)that are really filling. These jars btw if you into snapping like we are your Instagram feed will be looking like you visited Bali with the way they are so aesthetically pleasing.

Nourish’d flavors are not only organic but super refreshing. A suggestion from us is to give the Magic Maginto a try, this is a smoothie with array of fruits like mango (yum!), pineapple cucumber and passion fruit.

Via: Lisa Listings ZA

Address: 177 Kloof Street,, Gardens, Cape Town

And that is Summer as easy as 123…

We’d love to know if you’ve visited any of these spots in Cape Town? Or will you be visiting any of these cool spots during summer? Let us know in the comments below!

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