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The ‘’it’’ brand of the moment, Off-White, has officially ranked as the hottest brand of the third quarter of 2018. In only one year, this brand has jumped a whopping 33 spots! The list, complied by Lyst takes into account social media statistics, brand follower growth and product mentions.

Virgil Abloh

It is the brand you see being worn by all the coolest people; from celebrities to local influencers to your favourite neighbourhood fashionista. Virgil Abloh has certainly done the relatively ‘’young’’ brand (in the world of fashion) proud. The simple, yet effective designs have become iconic; one is able to recognise an Off-White piece from a mile away!

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Surpassing household brands

Off-White has surpassed legendary brands such as Gucci and Balenciaga; taking second and third place respectively. Other big names on the list include Nike at number four, Prada at number five, Versace at number six and Kanye West’s brand, Yeezy, at number seven. The ranking comes as a knock to big designer names which have existed as isolated household names for years; untouched.

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Off-White’s collaborations have definitely contributed to their first place position. “The Ten” sneaker series collaboration with Nike, as well as the collaborative “Queens collection” with world famous tennis star, Serena Williams. Queens collections debuted during the U.S Open, which meant more publicity and even more sales. Most millennial’s understand the power of collaboration in the fashion industry and we can see why! Collaborations between big brands and celebrities create exclusive pieces with a personal flair that attracts designer collectors and die hard fans.


Lyst also includes a list of in-demand designer-name products. Unfortunately for Off-White, it was Dior that took first place, although Off-White came a close second. The number one, must have designer product is the Dior “Saddle Bag”’. The iconic saddle bag has been reinvented, it has always been a piece worn by every “it” girl, from Paris Hilton to the fictional Carrie Bradshaw. Off-White was the only designer brand to snag two spots though, with the signature Off-White Logo Belt taking second place and the Off-White Denim Jacket taking the sixth spot.

It can be said that Off-White shows no signs of slowing down. Legendary names better watch out, there’s a new kid in town.

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