Skinny Legs Luxury Café:

Nestled in the heart of De Waterkant, peeking out from the bottom floor of boutique shop Maison Mara, is Skinny Legs: a gorgeously minimalist luxury café. Open since February of this year, it’s the younger sister restaurant to the original Skinny Legs on Loop Street.

The Location:

The newer location is the smaller and quainter of the two. Small square tables fill the inside area, bright white in colour against the dark stone walls of the interior, on patterned tile floors. Each table is surrounded by subtly mismatched chairs, enough to seat groups of two or three comfortably. Outside on the quaintly cobbled, slightly bustling Jarvis Street, a few more tables stand on the pavement in the sun. 

Skinny Legs Cafe
Image via: Darren Bester

What’s On The Menu?

The menu is elegant, fresh and straightforward. For breakfast (or brunch) think spiced porridge, eggs, pastries and a savoury selection of tartines. We were there for a midday meal so we consulted the lunch menu (served from 11am), which boasts refined but hearty sandwiches, bowls, and salads. 

Image via: Darren Bester

To Drink

Drink options include fresh juices and smoothies, coffee and herbal teas. There to balance the savoriness for after-meal indulging is the 70% chocolate brownie and a selection of cookies (from chocolate chip matcha to cranberry). Closing by latest 5pm across locations, Skinny Legs is an exclusively daytime eating-intended nook. 

Image via: Pineterst

Our Picks

Our final call was one Lumberjack salad (grilled chicken breast, avocado and coriander mayonnaise), one matcha almond cappuccino, one Prosciutto sandwich (prosciutto, mixed greens and fontina cheese on sourdough) and one mango smoothie (a seasonal drink of theirs to take advantage of if you’re heading there anytime soon). Although it shows off some luxurious ingredients, Skinny Legs’ menu is well priced, with the average cost for a meal and a drink rounding up to about R120 per person.

The sandwich was leafy, salty and doughy. The smoothie, sprinkled with sesame seeds for extra flavour, was creamy with a slight bite, and not too heavy to have alongside a meal. Everything arrived on blue and white china or coolly-coloured ceramics, with some of those same crockery designs for sale in the café.  

Image via: Ruth de Cerff

Final thoughts

In terms of both menu and aesthetic, Skinny Legs emanates good taste. It’s a place for classic dining with a modern, simple, daytime twist. Consider your next coffee meet up or solo lunch date venue sorted.

Find them here in Cape Town on Loop Street in the City Centre, or on Jarvis Street in De Waterkant.

Skinny Legs
Image via: Darren Bester

Will you be visiting Skinny Legs Luxury Café anytime soon? Let us know in comments below!

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