A quiet spot amongst the craziness of Woodstock: Flatmountain Coffee Roasters. We’re telling you a little more about this coffee spot you should not miss!

Come on in…

A simple, yet intriguing exterior invites you in (the aromas of good coffee would be hard to ignore). Situated on just on the corner of two roads, looking out onto the street, you wouldn’t dare resist a sneaky look inside. You walk into a stylishly minimalist, at-home-feeling space. A giant turquoise couch grabs your attention, calling you to sit down and enjoy a good cuppa. Potted indoor plants and framed pictures surround you, it feels like a cooler version of comfort (with WiFi!).

Cafe coffee
image via: City by Mouth

An intriguing yellow framed door outlines the room in which the coffee is brewed. This on site brewing makes Flatmountain Coffee Roasters a unique experience. Being able to see the process behind what’s in your cup allows you to appreciate the quality and craft.


Why we love it

Not only is this a coffee shop but a coffee-roasting company that encapsulates the passion of artisan roasting. Their blends are meticulously and lovingly sourced and roasted in a way that creates high quality, unique blends. Their single origins come from Ethiopia and Malawi, as well as their best known blend, known as the  Heritage Blend, The heritage blend boasts floral notes while the Malawi Mzuzu boasts a fresh berry flavour and the Ehiopian Yirgacheffe offers an infusion of floral notes with Lemon and Jasmine. They also offer a decaf blend for those that need to watch their caffeine intake. Their blends are served at coffee shops and restaurants all over Cape Town. You may not even know it, but you may have tasted their cuppa goodness already!


What to order

You can buy bags of their fresh blends in store! If you’re not feeling like coffee on a hot day, you will find a selection of kombucha and juices to quench your thirst. The range of fresh options are in their original bottle, nice and cold! But if you do decide to go for one of their incredible coffees, it will be served in beautiful a Le Cruset cup (turquoise, to match the couch). It is slightly pricier most, with average cost being about R70 per person, but the perfectly balanced flavours make it worth it. Although they do not offer food, but we guess it’s because their focus is on producing the best coffee possible. They also stock beard oil and creams, is there anything more Woodstock than that!


The staff

The staff are extremely friendly and welcoming. The service is the type that puts a little kick back into your step after a bad day. This tranquil space allows for you to recuperate before heading back out into the hustle and bustle of one of Cape Town’s busiest areas.


Where to find them

Their Woodstock branch is located at 101 Sir Lowry Road. They open at 6am Monday to Friday and 9am on Saturday, which means that they are just in time for that all too necessary early morning coffee run!


Check them out on Instagram to see more of their aesthetic goodness! @flatmountain_coffee_roasters

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