A YouTube exclusive is coming THROUGH for only 2 days on the 15th and 17th of November at Ster-Kinekor cinemas! An almost sold out 4 shows in selected cinemas will be playing the anticipated BTS Wings tour movie, with behind-the-scenes moments and interviews from the band members.

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Burn The Stage Movie Trailer

Who Are BTS?

If you’re new around the K-pop universe, WELCOME. Be prepared to become very attached to BTS, and hide your shame under 20 different tabs in incognito mode to watch more videos of them dancing or acting a fool. They are a South Korean pop band, consisting of 7 members who each bring different qualities to the group. They have millions of fans worldwide, have collaborated with international artists such as Nicki Minaj and Steve Aoki, and have earned prestigious rewards for their contribution to the music industry. Their acronym is affectionately known as the Bangtan Boy Scouts, and Beyond-The-Scenes.

BTS Band
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How Are They So Popular Worldwide?

The 90’s / early 2000’s was a time of boy bands, themed girl bands, and sugary sweet young adult singers. Already a phenomenon in that era, they managed to capture audiences worldwide, without the help of technologies such as the internet and cellphones. BTS have used these technologies to their advantage, and have interacted with their fans through social media since the beginning of their careers. The ARMY feel so much love for their idols, they won the ‘Biggest fans’ award at the 2018 MTV EMA’s. They feel like they are a apart of the band’s lives and ultimately their careers as artists.

BTS Movie
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BTS and Mental Health:

Korea, along with many cultures around the world, deem mental health as a taboo subject. Depression affects so many of the people around us, and having no one to talk to because of a stigma, could mean a loss of life. BTS tackle many mental health issues through their lyrics, as they are aware how important mental health awareness is to their generation. They reiterate positive self-love, but also cover the dark days, because they believe that we travel many roads to achieve happiness.

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Through their music, they are breaking the stereotype about mental health, and encouraging youth to speak about their struggles and engage with one another through the good and difficult times. In 2018, they delivered a speech at the United Nations highlighting their Love Yourself campaign.

BTS UN Speech

BTS are a genuine band who are doing well because of their hard work, but also because of their honest characters. We can’t wait to scream our lungs out (and probably shed some TT) at the movie along with the rest of the South African ARMY! Who’s your bias?? Let us know in the comments! Look out for our in-depth review after the movie~~

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