Spring has sprung and with summer knocking at the door, literally everyone is trying to get in shape and get their #summerbodies on point. While this may be of vital importance for most, we’re wondering how much of a priority your skin is on your prep-for-summer journey. We’ve decided to check out a couple of products that you may find useful when deciding on your skincare regime for the summer!

Bio-Restorative Hydrogel:

Bio-Gel Bio-Restorative Hydrogel is the latest from the Bio-gel targeted at those with oily to combination skin types and who are prone to breakouts – since the light gel formula is free of irritants, fragrances, and any sort of ingredients that may aggravate problematic skin. For approximately R2551.85 + tax ($178 + tax) you’ll get a 30ml bottle of gel that contains of 99% glycol, glycerin, and thickeners.

Skin Care
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This new product is formulated with “Processed Skin Proteins” (PSP), a blend of protein Human Growth Factors to rejuvenate and soothe skin. Hydro-gel combines PSP and hydrating Hyaluronic Acid to help bring back elasticity and radiance to tired skin making Bio-Gel appropriate for all skin types including oily and problematic skin. Bio-gel is specifically formulated for use during the day.

Skin Gel
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The  Ingredients:

With all these ingredients considered, it appears that we have discovered a complete moisturizing skin product but the Hydro-gel covered the moisturizer part and that’s it. Various expert reviews and product information indicates that the product is missing crucial antibacterial, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory ingredients that help combat free-radicals, reduce inflammation, and heal the skin.

It does contain hyaluronic acid and PSP but that makes up less than 1% of the product ingredients and there’s little-to-no research on how much PSP a product should contain to provide benefits, you’re left to guess that less than 1% is enough.

This product will feel nice for those who are seeking a light formula. However, BioGel Bio Restorative Hydrogel with PSP earned an AVERAGE rating by the experts on www.beautypedia.com and is outperformed by even the simplest moisturizer due to the near total absence of beneficial ingredients. At this price, you really should expect far more.

Aloe Vera
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The Pros:

  • Fragrance-free.
  • Contains basic moisture-binding ingredients

The Cons:

  • Pleasant look and feel for oily to combination skin
  • Not comprehensive on terms of the ingredients required for complete skincare and improve early signs of ageing

The product is available for purchase online at https://www.skinstore.com/neocutis-bio-gel-bio-restorative-hydrogel/ AND http://www.neocutis.com/product/detail/9

This brings us to our next tip – so many of us have so many different skin types and finding cost-effective natural products that can benefit any skin type is quite a mission. There is one product that is natural, cost-effective and can benefit the skin to give you a clear and natural glow to with that gorgeous summer bod. We present to you – Aloe Vera Gel.

Aloe Vera
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Aloe Vera Gel:

Rubbing Aloe Vera gel onto your skin has many benefits especially now that the days are becoming warmer.

Aloe Vera Gel
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The Benefits of Aloe Vera Gel:

During the summer our skin is more susceptible and exposed to UV rays. Aloe Vera gel has many soothing, cooling and anti-inflammatory properties and therefore makes it perfect for sun-burned, UV-induced red skin. Aloe Vera Gel provides a protective layer to the skin helping it to lock in the necessary moisture needed to relieve the skin. It is also rich in antioxidants and minerals which helps accelerate the healing process.

With the increased temperature in summer the skin tends to produce more sebum (one of the oily substances associated with the skin’s surface) causing your skin to be more oily than usual. Aloe Vera gel is the perfect moisturizer that doesn’t leave grease and excess oil on your face AND it softens the skin without clogging pores.

To all the gents out there, take note that Aloe Vera gel can also be used as an aftershave as it will both hydrate the skin and help heal razor burn and small nicks.

Aloe Vera
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The Nutrients:

Since Aloe Vera is rich in vitamins C and E and beta carotene, Aloe may have some anti-ageing and anti-blemish qualities. By speeding up skin cell regeneration, fighting inflammation and reducing redness, Aloe Vera is a fantastic in lightening blemishes and reducing stretch marks while hitting pause button on the clock and sticking it to ageing skin… #antiageing #fountainofyouth.

Aloe Vera
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The Benefits:

Most importantly, Aloe Vera anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties make it a crucial yet gentle product to treat and heal pimples and acne. The gel fights off bacteria, reduces redness, simulates grow and regenerates new skin cells. While some individuals harvest their own Aloe Gel others like to buy the Aloe in a bottle that is packaged and ready to use. Check out some of these cost-effective options OR head over to your nearest pharmacy and/or health shop and bag yourself a dose Aloe Vera Gel.

Aloe Vera
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A Tip:

Final little note: when to comes to skincare, there are different strokes for different folks and it’s important to know your skin type and to do the relevant research in terms of what works for you and what does not really work for you. We’re just here to help a little and keep your skin looking flawless this summer!

Have you used Aloe Vera Gel on your skin? Let us know in the comments below!

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