Hair Styles:

You’ve probably noticed how natural hair has been doing the rounds on social media and you most probably for inspired to #GoNatural or are considering it. This one’s for our trende natural hair enthusiasts who live through the highs and lows of being natural. Let us make your #NaturalHairJourney a little more bearable with these go-to trende hairstyles that’ll have your hair looking sleek and on-fleek! So sit back, grab your edge control and read along.

Hair Styles
Image via: Don Agnello

1. Low or High Bun:

This look has to be the most versatile of them all! It can be achieved within minutes, it’s a protective style that protects your hair from damage and the environment. The hairstyle works on both short and longer lengths of hair. Plus, it’s appropriate for formal environments such as work or school.

2. Space Buns:

Space Buns are a must if you’re planning on looking 10 years younger than you are, because they have the effect of enhancing your features by tightening your facial skin and making your eyes look bigger.

Natural Hair Styles
Image via: Black Hair Information

3. High Puff:

The high puff is famous on insta, you probably have already seen it on your favourite influencers. This hairstyle is simple, yet elegant and you have to try it out! It also has an anti-aging effect because it pulls your facial skin. It works perfectly on all hair types and lengths.

Hair Styles
Image via: Black Hair Information

4. Bantu Knots:

Bantu Knots are the queens of all-things-hair! You can rock them to bed or on your day-to-day life – reason being they are a protective style that helps by stretching out your hair and they’re convenient if you want to avoid #shrinkage. Once you go bantu, you never go back!

5. The Classic Fro:

The classic fro is exactly that, a CLASSIC! It’s not a protective style because your hair is opened and is exposed to many environmental factors BUT it’s great for pictures and those days where you want to flaunt your #NaturalHairJourney progress because it shows your length and hair thickness.

That’s it for today, we hope we’ve introduced you to some bomb hair do’s to try out this summer.. so you can flaunt both your #summerbody and your #naturalhair!

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Which hair style will you be trying out this summer? Let us know in the comments below!

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