You have just had one of those long and exciting days where you almost forgot to breathe while you’re running around and completing a bunch of menial tasks that, ultimately, made you question your reason for being alive. At the end of it you are looking forward to that blissful moment when you can kick your sky-high heels to the side, put on a few jazzy tunes and sink into a warm bubbly bath. As you reach for your violet and lotus flower body wash an alarming thought pops into your head – is my beauty products cruelty free?

Beauty Products

According to Beauty Without Cruelty South-Africa (BWCSA), approximately 115 million animals are used in tests and experiments each year. You do not need the added stress of worrying if your lotions and creams went through animal testing to end up into that bottle and that is why we compiled a list of proudly South-African skin care brands that do not use animal testing.

1. Africa Organics:

Baobab, Marula, Mongongo and Kalahari Melon – if these exotic names of the plants that they use don’t win you over, then their ethics definitely will. They work closely with PhytoTrade to source their ingredients which means that the harvesters in rural Africa are benefitted and work under fair conditions. Furthermore, their products endorse organic farming practices and they are accredited by the Vegan Society. Africa Organics has a wide range of lotions, shampoos and conditioners designed for sensitive skin. You may find these nourishing products at any Dis-Chem Pharmacy, as well as, Simply Natural in Canal Walk, Cape-Town, among others.

Beauty Products
Via: Africa Organics

2. African Extracts Rooibos:

This is, without a doubt, a personal favourite of ours. Rooibos is widely known for its wonderful qualities and health benefits. It limits the replication of precancerous skin cells and it protects the skin against environmental factors that cause ageing – yes, this is a dig at you, harsh South-African sun! Their products are divided into four categories namely Classic Face, Advantage, Purifying and Classic Body to ensure that everyone finds a product that suits their specific needs. The wide-range of stores that stock their amazing ranges are Dis-Chem Pharmacies, selected Clicks stores, as well as, selected Pick ‘n Pay or Checkers stores.

3. Charlotte Rhys:

This brand can be summed up in three word – luxury with a conscience. Charlotte Rhys is the only South-African manufacturer of hotel amenities – that made the Beauty Without Cruelty Humane List. They have a very uncompromising green philosophy and all of their products are biodegradable and made from 70% recycled material. The brand specializes in wide ranges from bath to body but with perfume fusions such as Cedar Wood and Water Lily, you know what we will be adding to our cart. Their store is most easily accessible online. Visit them here.

Beauty Products
Image via: Charlotterhys


The brand SKOON  was established by Stella Ciolli. The brand believes in sourcing locally produced ingredients and they do not test their beauty products on animals. We highly recommend that you support this South-African company – they truly carry a woman’s best interests and well-being at heart. Their natural ingredients include plant oils, nut butters and botanical extracts. Visit them here.

Beauty Products
Via: Skoon Beauty

5. Good Stuff:

“Skin-loving goodness” is the brands mission. The brand wants individuals to ”love living life” and bring individuals the best beauty products. A few of our favourites include their lemongrass, anti-oxidising rooibos and ginger hand cream which leaves your hands feeling silky soft and clean. Add droplets of the Calmer Karma foam bath infused with jasmine, violet, Indian and Amber. This infusion will assist in reviving dry skin and will restore your peace of mind. You may find these fabulous products at any Dis-Chem Pharmacy or at Pick ‘n Pay.

Beauty Products
Via: Good Stuff ZA

We hope that this list will inspire you to support these compassionate brands.

Do you know of any other cruelty free beauty products out there in the market? Let us know in the comments below!

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