So what’s the deal?

Khloe Kardashian is livid after fans give her hate for not spending Thanksgiving with the rest of the Kardashian family in Los Angeles. The 32-year-old reality TV show star decided to celebrate the holiday in Cleveland, Ohio with her basketball player boyfriend,
Tristan Thompson and their daughter True.

Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson


Her response

Khloe claims that there aren’t any issues with her family and it was all due to the fact that Tristan could not travel because he was ‘in season’. But fans insist otherwise. Khloe later says on Twitter: “You all are reaching now. I’ve spent the past 3 years in Cleveland for Thanksgiving. Not sure why people are trying to cause drama between my family and I. My sisters and I are perfectly fine Thank You! All of their families were able to travel but with TT in season, he can not. The truth is never as fun as some story some of you like to create. So here we go!! Happy Thanksgiving I guess lol.”

Khloe Kardashian Tweet

The scandal

There is a lot of tension between the Kardashian family surrounding Khloe’s relationship with Tristan Thompson since he was accused of cheating on Khloe and being unfaithful in April 2018. This all happened only days their daughter True was born. The situation is currently being played out by the Kardashian family on popular TV show ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians.’ With sister, Kim Kardashian West, publicly admitting that things were ‘awkward’ for Tristan and Khloe at the time.

Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson

Kim on Ellen

Kim said: “It is awkward, especially maybe for Tristan, who isn’t used to this. Unfortunately, that’s what was going on in our lives, so six months later when it replays and they’ve gotten through what they need to get through, it’s rehashed in front of everyone and everyone’s giving their opinions all over again, but it is what it is.”

Watch the full interview on Ellen here:

“So that is hard for Khloe and I’m sure for Tristan, but it’s our reality,  and we’ve kind of learned to use it as our therapy, just to kind of get it out one last time with everyone else.” The 38-year-old star later on explains that the family always supports each other and helps one another get through tough episodes, such as live tweeting to get the heat off of “confident and brave” Khloe. And that the show is all about being authentic and
honest like “Okay, this is what I said about you and this is how I feel or felt about you.”

We guess reality is what it is right? What do you think of the whole scandal and having to relive it almost 6 months later? Let us know in the comments below.

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