If you’ve been keeping up with all things fashion, you’d probably have realised that the South African fashion scene is currently booming. There are plenty of local brands emerging, and all we can say is we are #ProudlySouthAfrican!

The Shopaholic:

South African entrepreneurs, Tarynne Keown and Jesse Rajh, have founded a total of 3 local online fashion brands within the past 5 years: The Shopaholic, The Collection and Studio Seven. We’ve had the privilege of interviewing Tarynne more than once, and this is what’s currently happening with the brands.


Tarynne founded The Shopaholic, a women’s clothing brand, in 2013 as a part-time entrepreneurial business when she was a student in high-school, and carried on with it while she studied a BA: Fashion Design degree at FEDISA, where she graduated in 2017. She only started taking it seriously in 2018. Jesse founded The Collection, a men’s/unisex clothing brand, and the couple founded Studio Seven in January 2018. Studio Seven was supposed to be a housing brands for both The Shopaholic and The Collection, as well as other local brands.


Each brand was growing and gaining followers at different rates. According to Tarynne, it was as if they were injecting 3 different guinea pigs, to see which one would grow the fastest. Ultimately, the couple decided to merge all 3 brands under The Shopaholic. It is the most popular of the three, which had the most credibility after being around the longest. You can access all 3 brands at www.theshopaholic.co.  On the website all products are categorised by item of clothing, rather than brand, however, you can click on each individual product to see which brand it was produced by.


What’s in Stock?

The newly-engaged (shoutout to them #couplegoals) couple are now both employed by and co-own The Shopaholic, an incredibly popular online store for both men’s and women’s custom-made clothing, which delivers nationwide. The brand includes everything from tops, pants & skirts, dresses & rompers, and swimwear. Not only does The Shopaholic sell custom-made apparel online, but Tarynne also occasionally finds the time to design and make once-off items such as Matric Dance dresses. The brand has expanded and has become a trustworthy and credible one with ever-satisfied customers. What started out as a small online entrepreneurial attempt, has now become one of the trendiest and most popular local brands, with more than 27 000 followers on Instagram.


All we have to say is that we are 100% #ProudlySouthAfrican, and 100% obsessed with this ambitious couple of entrepreneurs. Oh, once again, go check out how they got engaged (I’m not crying, you’re crying.)


Be sure to #supportlocal by checking out the brands on thier website and social media platforms!


Instagram@theshopaholic_sa @thecollection_sa @studiosevenonline and click here to check out the website and online store.

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