The Sunglass Hut:

Sunglass Hut is associated with effortless luxury, sophisticated style and a touch of edginess. Sunglass Hut’s “House of Sun” embodies all of these things, in a way that creates a contagious energy and an unforgettable event. House of Sun is an experience that celebrates Sunglass Hut’s lively decadence.

The House Of Sun:

House of Sun was held at Nasdak, the scenic rooftop venue that showcases the breath-taking view of busy Cape Town. The rooftop venue of the Media 24 building offered an eye-level view of Cape Town’s skyline as the sunset.

The Venue:

The venue offered a spacious terrace, multiple bars and a main area used as a dancefloor. The changing colours of the sun setting provided the perfect background to am evolving event.

The Decor:

The décor created a sophisticated, luxurious feel. Grand, constructed white trees and fur throwsover white leather couches exuded elegance. Lighting set the tone for vibrant festivities. The setting and décor of an event often sets the scene for what to expect from an evening, and House of Sun did not disappoint.

The Line Up:

The event began late afternoon with a panel of South African creatives sharing their perspective on the Sunglass Hut brand. The panel consisted of musical and artistic creatives; musical duo Acoustic Element, Gina Jeanz, and Moozlie. The creative conversation was hosted by Anelisa Mangcu and explored multiple topics surrounding the Sunglass Hut brand and their significance within the
creative community.

The Guests Invited:

Guests could be seen in a variety of fashionable outfits, from glamorous to edgy. Influencers, bloggers, entrepreneurs, writers and models could be seen everywhere; most definitely a stylish and knowledgeable group when coming to all things fashion. The event moved from a mingling rooftop cocktail feeling to a night full of dancing and good music.

The Drinks:

Trendy cocktails were served throughout the night, changing with the mood of the night. Refreshing, fruity blends circulated the event, while refined canapes satisfied guests. Guests sipped on drinks as they moved through the crowds of happy guests. Not only did guests have the choice of many glamorous drinks, a barista offered balanced blends of coffee.

Fashion Model
Image via: Half & Halve

The Afterparty:

The night turned out to be filled with an abundance of dancing and entertainment. DJ Lloyd got the night started with beats that warmed up the atmosphere. Moozlie brought the crowd together while she performed a number of her songs, including her collaboration with Youngsta CPT. DJ Gina Jeanz also killed the crowd with her skills on the decks; the dance floor was never not full of guests singing along and showing off their moves.

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