Foundation is one of the most essential elements of a makeup routine and notoriously difficult to get right. But it doesn’t have to be difficult! We’ve got you covered – here are all the tips you’ll need create the appearance of even-toned, blemish-free flawless skin.

1. Prep the canvas:

It’s very important to prep your skin with a moisturizer suitable for your skin type to ensure a healthy glow. Your foundation will only look as good as the skin underneath so a good skincare routine is vital.

2. Prime the skin:

Use a primer on your T-zone to keep oily skin matte and prevent foundations from breaking down. Primer ensures that your foundation goes on smoothly and also lasts longer. But be careful to check that your products match (silicone based primers match with silicone foundation and water based primers with water based foundation) or else your foundation will become patchy and streaky later in the day.

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3. Choose the right consistency:

There are three general types of coverage: light, medium and full. Try medium coverage if you want to cover redness and a few blemishes. Full coverage foundation should be used for a full face glam look.

4. Keep skin undertones in mind:

Choosing a foundation with the right undertones for your skin is crucial! As a general principle skin tones are either warm-toned where the skin will appear peachy, yellow or golden or cool-toned where the skin will appear pink, red or bluish. A quick test to identify your skin tone is to look at the colour of your veins in your wrist – if they are slightly greenish you have warm undertones. If they have a blue or purple tinge to them you have cool undertones.

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5. The swatch test:

When choosing your foundation shade, swatch a few shades that you think could be your colour along your cheek or jawline to see which melds perfect into your skin tone. Always head outside after applying the testers to avoid the florescent lighting of the makeup store and check which foundation looks best in natural light before going back in to make your purchase.

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6. Application is key:

When applying foundation, start from the centre of your face and move outward. This leaves you with a more natural finish and prevents mask-like edges of foundation to be visible around the permitter of the face. Remember to blend foundation over ears and neck and if you are wearing a low-cut top, lightly pat some of the formula over your chest too.

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7. Use a beauty blender to blend:

Use a foundation brush or a damp beauty blender to seamlessly blend the foundation into your skin.

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8. Follow up with concealer:

After applying foundation all over to help take away most of the redness and uneven complexion from breakouts followed by concealer that acts as a finishing touch rather than doing all the covering up.

9. Set it and forget it:

To make your foundation last all day, run a fluffy makeup brush over a translucent powder and dust it over your T-zone. Or lightly mist your face with some setting spray to help it stay flawless all day.

These easy-to-follow steps will help you to improve your skin and make you feel more confident in your everyday life!

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