Attention all Arianators!

If you’ve never had a breakup song that can speak to your soul, get you through all 5 stages of grief and help you get ready for a girls night out all at the same time, well now you do. Ariana Grande has released her music video for Thank U, Next – and we are FREAKING OUT (whilst taking a trip down memory lane).

Ariana Grande as Regina George


There is no way we weren’t going to post about this! First she releases the song and we damn near lost our minds. (It went #1 in the first week BTW) Then the teaser of the music video got released and we geared up for a full Oscar style, screening party. (The music video got a record breaking 50m views in the first 24h).

Thank u next music video


The wait was definitely worth it. The music video got it right in every way! Every single movie reference, iconic lines and cameos that takes you right back to the first time you saw the original movies. This was done so effortlessly by director; Hannah Lux Davis.

Ariana Grande as Regina George

The music video pays tribute to 5 legendary Rom-Coms of the early noughties, which includes Clueless, Mean Girls, Legally Blonde, Bring It On and 13 Going On 30.

Ari pulls off a flawless performance as she and her famous co-stars re-enacted classic scenes. Can we also just talk about how she effortlessly transforms into characters we haven’t seen in years like Elle Woods and Regina George? We can never be done reminiscing!

Ariana Grande as Bring It On


Don’t think we didn’t notice all the subtle hints that were thrown around. The ones that stood out to us the most was her very first appearance in the video. Here she is seen putting a picture of her and her ex fiancé, Pete Davis, in the one and only Burn Book (reference from Mean Girls) with a cheeky line next to it saying: “Sorry I dipped”- Referencing to her breaking off their engagement. She also even brought Kris Jenner into the mix. This is especially hilarious as there is an ICONIC meme about Kris telling Kim “You’re doing amazing, sweetie” while she is posing naked for a magazine shoot. Kris portrays Regina George’s mom in Mean Girls. “I’m not a regular mom, I’m a cool mom.” This is SUPER fitting.

Ariana sings about why she is thankful for all her exes, and wishes she could say thank you to an ex that was in her life for quite some time, Rapper Mac Miller, who unfortunately passed on this year due to a drug overdose.

This year though!

This year has been a world wind not just for our girl Ari, but for us as well. This song was just what we needed to end of the year strong and feeling fearless AF. Always remember, you’re doing great honey’!!! Let’s face it Ariana is about one song away from making girls stop talking to guys permanently, so tread lightly guys you don’t want us saying those words to you.

That’s all for today. Thank You, Next! Here is the full video:


Stay TrendE.