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A woman attending a Jack White concert at Rogers Place in Canada is left in shock after being reprimanded for kissing her female friend by one of the ushers at the show. Although she was not in a relationship with her friend, Allyson Macivor claims that the two women were ‘caught up in the moment’ listening to their favorite song and kissed. This then immediately attracted the attention of a nearby usher who came towards them ‘waving her finger disapprovingly’ and wedged her hand between them, Allyson says.

Allyson Macivor
Via: CTV News

The incident

Macivor shared her shocking experience on Facebook saying that the incident was ‘violating,’ where it has been shared hundreds of times by people just as speechless as herself. She wrote: ‘Last night was a reminder, as I came home speechless, disturbed, and sad from the Jack White concert I was attending at Rogers Place. During the final encore, one of my favourites songs of all time, I grabbed my friend, and kissed her…a fun moment on a beautiful night. We were immediately interrupted by a young Rogers Place worker, who pulled me to the side, away from my seat, waving her finger disapprovingly, saying “that’s not allowed here.”

Rogers Place
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After the song

When the song was finished, the two women were taken to the managers office ‘like we were being marched to the principles office’ Allyson says. I remember the co-worker telling her manager that we were kissing in our seats which is inappropriate sexual behavior.” She continued to say, The manager, taking the reigns asked her to resume her post, as the young women walked away glaring in disapproval at my friend and I. The arena staff were very apologetic, as I wrote an incident report, with tears in my eyes, realizing we still live in a world where I have to watch my back as a “gay” woman, and apparently, I still have to watch whom I kiss, even at Rogers Place. So today, I’m making a toast to our children, and the next generation. I hope their love, no matter how it looks, is never interrupted”.

Allyson Macivor statement
Image via: CCTV News

Jack White’s response

Jack White later posted about the incident on Instagram with the caption ‘This photo is a lesbian couple sharing a kiss at a Beatles concert in 1964 while the rest of the crowd screamed for the band. This is one of my favorite photos because of how beautiful the situation is; they are hiding in plain sight. Its 2018 now and two people expressing affection shouldn’t have to hide. The news that two women were stopped from kissing during my show in Edmonton really disappointed me. At the next show in Calgary I dedicated the song “love interruption” to the two women and encouraged everyone in the crowd to kiss their loved ones. Let’s promote love and acceptance wherever and whenever we can. -Jack White III . ‘Let’s promote love and acceptance wherever and whenever we can’.

Jack White Instagram
Image via: @officialjackwhitelive

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