With the water crisis now come and gone, so is our apparent thirst for water. Capetonians have never needed an excuse to hydrate, and with the festive season looming ahead of us, we are not surprised to see water bottles being traded for cold beers and yummy cocktails. Needless to say that happy hour looks a lot more, well, happier. With after work drinks, pre-dinner drinks and just plain ol’ drinks – our local watering holes are becoming a bit crowded. So we took to the streets of Cape Town to find you four sundowner spots to check out this summer. You’re welcome!

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1. Copacabana:

Set alongside the infamous Long Street, this little slice of tropical delight is the perfect spot to unwind after a long day. The interior is a mix of exotic patterns, natural plants and glitzy chandeliers – set against a backdrop of tastefully exposed brick walls. Copacabana, as it’s name suggests, is inspired by a beach but has all of the practicality of an urban restaurant/café. With tables and chairs spilling out onto the side walk, patrons are encouraged to soak up the remnants of the sunshine, with a clear view of the bustling Long Street, whilst slowly sipping on a half priced cocktail/beer between 4 – 6pm daily.

2. The Gin Bar:

Formerly known as ‘The Secret Gin Bar’ – but Capetonians have never been good at keeping things under wraps – This (literally) hidden gem can only be accessed through The Honest Chocolate Café in Wale Street; which in all, er, honesty is perfectly fine with us (because the chocolate here is sugar and dairy free). Make your way through the café, and you’ll easily spot the quaint Victorian-inspired bar where you can order the Head, Heart, Soul or Ambition – four gin-based cocktails which are light and refreshing, with earthy undertones.

The Cocktails:

There are only four cocktails to choose from, but a true gin connoisseur would savour every sip of these juniper-infused concoctions. You could also opt for a classic g&t, and the bar does offer all of the usual XYZ if gin is not your thing. With drink in hand, make your way through to the Mediterranean–style courtyard, where you can indulge in long conversations without having to shout over a noisy crowd. This undercover jewel is the perfect escape from the city without actually leaving the CBD.

On most nights you can enjoy live performances, where it can get slightly crowded, but the atmosphere is always relaxed and full of life – which is ironic considering the building itself used to be a mortuary…

3. Bossa Tyger:

Since it first opened its doors Bossa Tyger Falls has never had a quiet day to date. Their affordable meals, extensive cocktail menu and happy hour specials, to say the least, are but some of the many reasons why this establishment is so popular with the locals. They are one of the very few places to offer ice cream infused cocktails, and we recommend them ALL – we’ll worry about the calories later.

Although fruity cocktails and ‘glorious’ gin mixtures are also available if you’re avoiding lactose. The building in which the restaurant resides has been built around a very subdued waterfall, which slowly cascades down the mountain and takes refuge in a tranquil lake. This subtle act of nature forms the backdrop to which you can enjoy the company you keep, while watching the sunset.

4. Fat Cats Cocktail Lounge:

You know that feeling when you go out for drinks after work on a Friday only to wake up again on a Saturday afternoon, feeling drier than a re-used teabag?? There is no amount of water that could revive you from that hangover, and we do not have a quick fix (sorry fam). Fat Cats Cocktail Lounge is however the perfect place to visit on Sunday afternoon after a busy week (and that Friday night you deeply regret). The outdoor seats, overlooking the Strand beach, allows you to bask in the sun (or in the shade), while nursing a classic mojito and strawberry daiquiri both at the same time, because on Sundays, Mondays and Wednesdays it’s half price on all cocktails – all day long. It can get pretty crowded on a Sunday afternoon though so get there early to secure a spot. It is the ideal way to end your week.


5. Harveys Restaurant and Bar:

Virgins matter too at Harveys Restaurant and Bar, who offers an array of non-alcoholic cocktails that taste so good you’ll keep coming back for more. But there will be no deflowering (excuse the pun) at this establishment, as the outdoor courtyard is immersed in fauna and flora, so elaborate, that it appears to be growing from the surrounding buildings. Think waterfalls, made from plants and flowers. The Long Island Iced Tea is one of the best tasting drinks on the list of ‘usual suspects’. But if you want to try something new then opt for one of Harvey’s wallbangers, a variety of cocktails exclusive to the bar. There are also plenty of non-aloholic mixtures and fusions to try – have as much as you like! Outside on the terrace is however where you’ll find the ‘usual suspects’ being relished by a vivacious crowd, whilst basking in the sun and stress-free atmosphere that can only be experienced in Sea Point.


There are two things that the Mother City is never in short supply of: spectacular views and great company. Going for drinks is one way to utilise both. So take your pick of the lot, grab your friends and celebrate Summer one drink at a time.  Cheers!

Which place will you be visiting this summer for a sun-downer or two? Let us know in the comments below!

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