What It’s All About:

First Thursdays bring bright colours and unrivaled excitement to the streets of Cape Town’s night life, it offers a platform for people to be exposed to various forms of art in a fun environment. It’s art galore with various galleries to choose from. From the day-to-day type of galleries to restaurants turned makeshift art gallery. The streets buzz with art, some on walls others walking the streets.

“…it’s a vibe.”

This is a glowing image of every First Thursday of the month, whether you’re in JHB or CPT you can be sure that it’s a vibe. In this month’s edition of First Thursdays, our eyes were caught by an exhibition at a place that is well known for tasty burgers, (if you haven’t tried them out, be sure to do so soon) not the art on its walls, Clarke’s Bar and Dining Room on Bree Street in the heart of Cape Town.

Andile Phewa Andile Phewa


The exhibition is called ‘Combos’, a fashion photography exhibition that looks into the subculture of street wear and how this culture has impacted on the youth, by Andile Phewa. It’s safe to say Andile did this one for the culture, as the images capture the colourful attire we seea lot of “cool kids” rocking in the streets.


More About The Art:

The backgrounds Andile uses make the model’s style stand out. This highlights the importance of location when it comes to fashion photography. The fusion between the styling and the colourful backgrounds brings the concept of the exhibition to life, as it is these ‘combos’ that make the photographs stand out. The timing of the exhibition was also key, as this exhibition happened at a time where one of the major influences on SA’s street culture, Okmalumkoolkat had recently released a track called ‘Combos are communicating’ with Dj Speedsta. Looking at these correlations the name of the exhibition is fitting. We’ve seen a lot of the youth dressed like those captured in the images in the streets, watching as some of them looked at the images, felt like seeing them look at themselves in the mirror.

Andile Phewa Art

Behind The Scenes:

It’s safe to say that the combos were really communicating. The exhibition was put together by Umuzi Represents who host pop up First Thursday exhibitions of work by various young creatives. They aim to make art accessible for creatives as well as art lovers through these pop-up exhibitions. They are a division of Umuzi.org an NGO that gives learnerships to creatives to grant them access to high value jobs in the advertising industry.

Andile Phewa Art

Be sure to look out for Umuzi Represents’ next First Thursday pop up exhibition and follow @Andile_Phewa on Instagram to see more combos on his feed. If we wrote about it, then you know it’s TrendE.

Stay TrendE.