Frances Clare:

Local band Frances Clare was recently seen on early morning show ‘Expresso’ where they performed a cover of popular song “Toxic” by Britney Spears on the screens of 2 million people, which left fans wanting more. Frances Clare Litten is ‘just the front women’ to her fans and supporters, but lets take a deeper look into the lives of the newly popular band that has taken Cape Town by storm.

“Musicians exist to inspire”- Frances Clare Litten (age 21)

Frances Clare
Image via: Facebook Frances Clare

Frances Clare: The Musical Journey

When asked why she started the band, Frances simply stated that she started the band because her songs felt ‘2 dimensonal’ when she performed them solo and wanted to bring them to life. With their new EP that they are calling the ‘Weather EP’ shared on Spotify, Deezer, Tidal and iTunes, it’s clear that their music is taking off and appealing to many. “The weather EP came out two months ago on all digital distribution channels but we still sell it with our personalized and limited edition USB’s at gigs” says Frances during a private interview.

Frances Clare Band
Image via: Table Talk

Tour Location & Dates:

Frances recently announced that they will be going on tour around South Africa, with their first performance on the 16 December 2018 as well as 7 following performaces leading all the way to the 25 January 2019 featuring bigger musicians such as Matthew Mole and the Rudimentals. “Going on tour is a huge adventure to me! I can’t wait to explore new venues, audiences and parts of South Africa. I also love food so you can bet our tour will turn into a food blog!” says Frances Clare. “I feel like it’s so easy for life to get busy, boring and mundane. Lots of people have to give up on their dreams. Musicians exist to inspire others and show that you never have to stop chasing your dreams. Music makes me so very happy and I am motivated by the fact that I still get really nervous before performances and therefore clearly still love it.”

Seems like Frances is an upcoming motivational speaker too! The band also has an interesting T-shirt design, with each band members title written across their chest eg. “I’m just the guitarist”  and of course the fan merchandise written as “I’m just a fan”.

Frances Clare Band
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Upcoming Tour Dates:

16th Dec- Devils Peak De Oude 1-3pm
17th Dec- Mitchells in Knysna with Matthew Mole
17th Dec- Surf Café in Plett
19th Dec- The Music Kitchen in PE with Basson Laubscher
22nd Dec- Blue Waters in Durban
23rd Dec- Soul Sessions in Durban: FREE
23rd Dec- Johannesburg: FREE

Tour ticket prices are available on Facebook events that the venues have put up so far.

Catch them on Expresso right here!

And for more details about their Garden Route tour as well as the band, click here!

Will you be attending any of Frances Clare’s up and coming shows? Let us know in the comments below!

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