If you’re anything like us, you’ve watched To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before a few times (okay, a lot of times). Ever since the rom-com dropped on Netflix earlier this year, fans have been begging for a sequel. Some even took to sign a petition. It’s THAT good. Before you go ahead and hit replay, this one’s for you – Lara Jean (Lana Condor) and Peter Kavinsky (Noah Centineo) might be returning to our screens. Yay!

Nothing’s been 100% confirmed, but here’s what we know, according to The Hollywood Reporter: Netflix bought the distribution rights to Awesomeness, the production company that created To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before. Viacom bought Awesomeness in August, and Paramount (also owned by Viacom) signed a multi-picture deal with Netflix. This means that Paramount will be supplying Netflix with original movies in exchange for a part of the revenue stream.

Long Story Short?

One of the first movies being discussed as part of this Paramount-Netflix deal is a sequel to TATBILB.

But what can we expect from the potential Netflix sequel? Well, if you stuck around for the credits of TATBILB, you will have seen John Ambrose McClaren, one of the recipients of Lara Jean’s love letters, show up at her door with her letter in hand and a bunch of flowers. The perfect setup for a sequel, don’t you think?

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John Who?

Let’s recap: Remember how Lara Jean wrote letters to the five boys that she fancied? Although she had no intention of posting them to its intended recipients, they eventually got out, thanks to her baby sis Kitty.

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First, there was Kenny from camp, who never received his letter. Turns out his address changed since the last time he and Lara Jean saw each other.


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Then, there was Lucas from Homecoming, whom LJ later discovers is gay. The two strike up a pretty good friendship in the end.


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We all know how things turn out with dreamy, handsome, golden-specks-in-his-eyes Peter Kavinsky. First, he interrogated Lara Jean about her letter as soon as he read it. Eventually, it led to them fake dating and then dating for real.


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There’s LJ’s neighboour, Josh, who also happens to be her older sister’s ex-boyfriend (yikes). At the end of the movie, they both agree it’s best to stay friends.


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Lastly, there’s the unaccounted for John Ambrose from Model UN, up until that mid-credits scene!

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Long before TATBILB graced our screens, it was a trilogy of best-selling novels by Jenny Han (which you should totally read!). Since John Ambrose takes centre stage in the second book, PS I Still Love You, our guess is that he will play a big part in the second movie. If this rings true, then something tells us that things will not run smooth for Lara and Peter’s romance…which makes for quite the love triangle.

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We are already feeling super protective over Peter Kavinsky aka the perfect internet boyfriend, but curious as to what John Ambrose might bring to the table (have you seen those dimples?)

So, until the sequel is confirmed, we’ll be re-watching TATBILB for the fifteenth time. Don’t send help.

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