By Kelly Josephs

It’s summer time, a time to have fun with friends over good food and a few drinks. And there’s nothing better than dropping in on a Mexican place with top-notch food and an incredible vibe. Here are our top picks in and around Cape Town.Mexicans

1. El Burro Greenpoint:

El Burro is, almost, a little hole in the wall restaurant. It’s easy to miss (even when you’re
looking for it!) but once you manage to find your way to it, you’re met with a comfortable and relaxed vibe. They sell all kinds of authentic Mexican food and drink, you may even find something on their menu that you’ve never heard of.


But be warned, when the waitress tells you something is spicy – she means it. It is the ideal place for a Chilli Head to get their next fix. However, the highlight of your night will most certainly be dessert. El Burro has absolutely mouth-watering churros (a fried, sugar covered donut with chocolate sauce).

Address: 81 Main Rd, Green Point, Cape Town, 8005

2. The Fat Cactus Gardens:

This one is a bit of a cheat, as it’s technically a Tex-Mex restaurant – but its plentiful Mexican inspired menu earns it a spot on this list. They have everything you would expect, from burritos to fajitas, but for the picky eater you can also grab a scrumptious burger. The Fat Cactus has the best vibe out of all the restaurants on this list, it’s a very open space, buzzing with life and good music.


Address: 5 Park Rd, Gardens, Cape Town, 8001

3. Senior Onion Mexican Deli:

If you’re looking for a quick meal, at a good price drop by Señor Onion. It’s a small place, but still manages to stand out in the bustling student town of Stellenbosch. You can find the best burritos in all of Stellenbosch here, in fact they have a plentiful menu to suit the pocket of all students (don’t forget to bring your student ID for a student discount!). Dessert is sparse but their brownies are to die for and their tres leches are like little clouds on your tongue.


Address: 24 Bird St, Shop 6, Stellengracht Building, Stellenbosch, 7600

4. Viva! Mexican

Viva! is a fantastic birthday spot, they already have all the decor you could need to fit the
occasion. It’s an ideal spot for a Sunday brunch as well, as they open at 12 PM everyday, so bring over the girls for a delicious jug of sangria or a glass of their refreshing frozen margaritas. And the food is nothing to sneeze at either, all the portions are filling and affordable. You’re sure to have a good time and a full belly by the time you leave.

Address: Heritage Square, 5, Vrede St, Durbanville, Cape Town, 7550


So those are the best places to grab a taco in and around Cape Town. Do you have a favourite Mexican dish? Will you be grabbing a group of friends and dropping in at any of these restaurants? Tell us your favourite Mexican place in the comments below!

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