The American sitcom on the Freeform network first aired the 3rd of January 2018 and was well received by most people with a whopping 97% of google users that liked this show we can see why it is going for a second season. Yes Grown-ish season 2 is coming pretty soon.

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This show is about a young women named Zoey Johnson, the eldest daughter of the Johnsons family from the Black-ish tv show. She goes off to college and into the real world trying to figure out who she really is now that she has her new found independence. Zoey must travel through trials and tribulations while taking momentous steps. The series features “that in between place where you’re not quite an adult but facing grown world problems for the first time,” Kenya Barris, the show’s creator and executive producer said.

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The show Grown-ish is a spinoff from the Black-ish show, but it truly stands out on its own. You can start watching Grown-ish without feeling that you’re missed out. This series is doing really well. The show has a rating of 93% on Rotten tomatoes. And we’ll tell you why.  This show is light-hearted yet it touches on big issues. It touches on colourism and homophobia to name a few. The show really brings messages across in every episode without having the viewers feel like things are being shoved down their throat. The series is really inclusive which can only expand an audience.

The Genre:

This series will have you laughing and crying while you’re on the edge of your seat. Everyone can really find someone or something to relate to in this series thanks to a very diverse cast and a that touches on so many subjects.

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Meet The Cast:

Yara Shahidi as Zoey Johnson:

The main character.

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Emily Arlook as Nomi Segal:

The brutally honest bi-sexual.

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Trevor Jackson as Aaron Jackson:

A young political activist that caught the eye of Zoey.

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Jordan Buhat as Vivec Shah:

Engineering student who can’t wait to make bank so he dips into selling drugs.

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Francia Raisa as Ana Torres:

Zoey’s roommate who’s not happy with her in the beginning.

Francia Raisa
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Chloe Bailey as Jazlyn:

One of the twins who’s afraid of being perceived as ghetto although they come from the hood.

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Halle Bailey as Skyler:

One of the twins who’s afraid of being perceived as ghetto although they come from the hood.

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Deon Cole as Charlie Telphy:

A cookie professor that teaches the midnight class.

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Luka Sabbat as Luka:

A laid back guy who just doesn’t care until he starts caring about Zoey.

Luka Grown-ish
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In episode one Zoey Johnson arrives at California University and thinks she will be a hotshot on campus but she soon finds out that she has some growing to do. She makes some friends in her midnight class. Friends that play a crucial part in her life throughout the series.Throughout the series he group of friends go through a lot. There is even a love triangle or shall I say square. Don’t worry we won’t spoil anything. We hope Grown-ish runs for a long time. Season 2 airs on the 2nd January 2019. This show is very TrendE.

Are you a Grown-ish fan? Will you be watching season 2 – let us know in the comments below!

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