Dating has always been complicated, but compared to the simple old days of making your crush a playlist and breaking up with your high school sweetheart with a dedication of Beyoncé’s ‘Irreplaceable’, dating really seems like high grade rocket science these days.  Fast forward to 2018, the year of Tinder and DMs, and somehow having the time and money to bae-cation in between all that.

Old School Dating
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Dating In 2018:

We are no scientists but we think we’ve figured out the formula for dating in 2018 just in time to get you cuffed by 2019.  We’ve got you covered with 5 new dating terms to be aware of and a little breakdown of dating in 2018.

Old school dating was simple. When you liked someone, all you had to worry about was ‘Is he/she single?’ In 2018, the dating game is a lot more tricky.  This year, if you are interested in someone you need to worry about a lot more, like: Is he/she ‘talking’ to any other people; Is he/she married, divorced, or a situationship? Does he/she have kids and a crazy baby mama/ baby daddy? Is he/she into girls or guys or boththe list goes on.

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Once you’ve finally got passed the initial craziness of sifting through all the frogs on Tinder and in your DMs, you are left with a handful of potentials ready to take you out on a date so you can decide whether to cuff him or ghost him. Before we get you confused with all the 2018 dating terms, let’s get you caught up with the lingo and give you some tips to survive dating in 2018.

1. Cuffling Season:

The term ‘to cuff‘ or ‘get cuffed‘ means to enter into a serious relationship.  Cuffing Season is a particular time of year, usually winter or autumn time when most people prefer to be in a relationship rather than stay single, to avoid being alone on cold nights.

Beware of non-cuffing season which is in the summer, particularly in December when some people prefer their freedom to party and have summer hook-ups.  A situationship would probably be a better choice for you if you like to ride solo in the summer.

Cuffing Season
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2. Situationship:

A ‘situationship’ is the type of romantic relationship where you act like a couple but you aren’t an official couple.  A situationship is temporary and does not usually survive until cuffing season.  Open communication is key in a situationship and both parties should be on the same page about what the rules are for their situation to avoid anyone getting their heart broken.

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3. Catching Feelings:

situationship has the potential of becoming a ‘real relationship’ if anyone starts catching feelings.  This basically means one or both of you have developed stronger feelings for the other and would like to get cuffed.

However in some cases, catching the feels can cause some people to get scared and decide to abruptly end the relationship, which may lead to Ghosting. 

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4. Ghosting:

‘Ghosting’ is the act of completely ending all forms of communication with a person you are no longer interested in dating. You are probably being ghosted if your calls are going straight to voicemail, if you can’t see their WhatsApp profile pic or if you’ve been blocked on their social media. We get that breaking up with someone is uncomfortable and inconvenient, but disappearing without a trace seems like a dating trend of 2018 that we are sure many people would love to leave behind.

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5. Bae-cation:

So if you haven’t been ghosted and your relationship has made it through cuffing season, then you and bae are officially boo’d up! You qualify for a bae-cation, which is really just a vacation you take with your significant other.  The main rules of a perfect bae-cation is to be as romantic as possible and remember to take pics and vlog ever second of it on social media.

We hope this has made a little sense of the craziness that goes into dating in 2018, we know it’s a lot to take in.

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How has your dating experience been so far? Let us know in the comments below!

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