By Khalipha Nene

It’s 21 degrees and breezy outside. It’s not hot enough for the beach and the clouds are looking a bit too threatening to chance it and go for a hike. What better to do than gather some snacks (maybe some wine too) and binge-watch some top-notch TV? Here are 3 of our favourite shows right now that you may have missed when they first debuted but are DEFINITELY worth starting.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (2015-present)

We’ll admit, we were a bit put off by the arguably problematic title at first. But one episode in and you’ll realise it’s just one of the many ways the show masterfully pokes fun at itself and many other TV conventions. Starring Rachel Bloom as the eccentric Rebecca Bunch. Crazy Ex- Girlfriend chronicles Rebecca’s messy life after she impulsively moves from her fast-paced life in New York to the tiny, mundane suburb of West Covina in pursuit of a love interest that she dated for a week when she was a teenager. What could possibly go wrong!?

Crazy Ex Girlfriend
via Consequence of Sound

What follows is a masterfully executed show tackling a broad (and sometimes dark) subject matter in a hilarious but tasteful way. Oh and did we mention it’s a musical? Don’t worry, we were iffy about this too at first, but the musical numbers are nothing short of genius and form one of the strongest aspects of the show. We mean, which other series will have you laughing at a song called ‘I gave you a UTI’?

Rebecca’s life will honestly make any questionable thing you’ve ever done to secure your crush look like child’s play. What better reason to watch it!  Check out season one’s trailer here.

The Good Place (2016 – present)

The Good Place is hands down one of the most well-written and charming series we’ve ever watched. It follows Eleanor Shelstrop (Kristen Bell) after she wakes up in the afterlife and realises that there’s been a mix up and she’s gotten into ‘The Good Place’ despite being well…pretty terrible on earth. You’ll be obsessed with this show in no time.

Aided by her soulmate Chidi played by William Jackson Harper (because of course soulmates exist in the Good Place) and neighbours Tahani (Jameela Jamil) and Jianyu (Manny Jecinto), Eleanor must try and learn to become a better person. The result is a hilarious exploration of moral philosophy and friendship driven by a super attractive cast and some pretty epic plot-twists. Also, Tahani’s wardrobe will make you want to re-evaluate your whole life; like why DON’T we have a closet full of perfectly tailored floral dresses to wear around the house?

The good place
Via Global TV

It’s a refreshing take on what we think about heaven and hell and best of all, most of the episodes are 20 minutes long so we won’t judge you for finishing the whole thing within a week. Here’s the trailer for season one.

The Good Place
via Dans Media Digest

Twin peaks (1990-1991)

Okay hear us out. It may have come out in 1990 but Twin Peaks remains unmatched when it comes the mystery/horror genre. Set in the wholesome-looking town of Twin Peaks, the show unfolds the murder investigation of seemingly innocent Laura Palmer (Sheryl Lee). The overarching mood of the show is one of suspense, but there are also some great moments of off- beat humour and one-liners that will have you realising the sheer brilliance that’s at the heart of the show. Creators Mark Frost and David Lynch really did the damn things! Of note is that it recently got rebooted in 2017 on Netflix but we’re still of the opinion that the original remains the best.

Twin Peaks Original
Image by Variety

Watch the trailer here!

*Disclaimer: TrendE is not liable for any possible vitamin D deficiency you might incur as a result of staying indoors watching these from start to finish. Let us know what other great shows we might have missed!

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