By Michael van Niekerk

Are y’all ready to bring out your wild side this summer? Whether you’re at the beach, at your favourite restaurant or killing it in the clubs YOU NEED to be wearing animal and natural prints.

I’m guessing your wardrobe is full of sporty neon, reflective and 90’s inspired clothing, which is still super trendy, but they need to make space for the jungle. Animal prints, skins and furs first became popular in the late 1960’s with middle class, suburban American women. This summer, we’ll see them being worn by people of all genders, all races and all ages. When looking to buy new summer clothing look out for the following prints:

animal print on the runway
Via: Fashion IQ

1. Snake Skin:

The snakeskin print has made a HUGE comeback this year. Whether you’re wearing the skin of a snake or the skin of your ex you’ll still look fresh. Look out for snakeskin skirts, shorts, tops, bikinis, shirts, jackets and shoes.


Snakeskin Print Two Piece by Ask Alice Boutique:

Fashion Snake Skin
Image via: Instagram @askaliceboutique


Snakeskin print Jacket by KTW Vintage:

Snake Skin Jacket
Image via: ASOS Marketplace

Snakeskin print dress by Factorie:

Image via: ekvatvlam

Snakeskin print jacket and overnight bag by Tokyo James:

Fashion Accessories
Image via: Tokyo James

Neon Green, Snakeskin print outfit, worn by Jourdan Dunn, by Off White:

This outfit incorporates the neon trend as well as the animal print trend.

Neon Snake Skin Dress
Image via: Livingly

Snakeskin print boots by Balenciaga:

Shoe Fashion
Image via: GQ


Snakeskin print suit by Tom Ford:

Snakeskin print suit
Via: Slash-zine

2. Leopard:

Let everyone hear you roar by wearing these retro leopard prints! If you’re bold enough (and brave enough) look to buy a faux fur leopard print coat. You can find them in stores, such as H&M but also any vintage store should have one or two.

Leopard print dress and tights by Calzedonia:

Leopard Print Dress
Via: Pinterest

Leopard print baggy pants, worn by Reece King, by Kurt Geiger:

Leopard Print Pants
Via: Kurt Geiger

Leopard print dress by Factorie:

Via: Instagram @factorie

Leopard print jacket by Esnoko:

Via: Instagram @esnoko

3. Tiger:

This is probably the boujee’est print of them all and it’s a must have. If you aren’t able to find
these prints in the stores try vintage and second-hand clothing stores. That’s where you’ll find
unique and retro pieces.

White Tiger print coat, worn by Bonang, by Rich Mnisi:

Image via: Instagram @bonang_m

Tiger print coat by Justin O’Shea:

Fashion Accessories
Via: GQ Online

4. Zebra:

I was actually surprised to see how popular this print is, but like Marty said:” It’s crack-a-lackin! “.

Maroon Zebra print coat by Roberto Cavalli:

Fashion Jungle Prints
Image via: Getty Images

Zebra print coat and skirt, worn by Esther Adjoa, by Rich Minisi:

Via: Instagram @rich_mnisi

5. Camouflage:

Yes! Camo is not an animal print but it’s that natural print that ceases to die. Rock a camo pants with a white t-shirt and bulky shoes and you’ll be good to go!

Camouflage print pants by Factorie:

Via: Instagram @Factorie


Camouflage print pants, worn by Reece King, by H&M:

Image via: Instagram @reeceking_

Camouflage print pants by Deck Clothing:

Camouflage Pants
Via: Instagram @deckclothing

Are you into these jungle prints or are you, like, totally over it? Let us know in the comments below!

Stay TrendE.