2018 has been an exciting year filled with lots of exciting news and entertainment. We are recapping some of 2018’s biggest moments. We’ve compiled a list of four moments that we at TrendE found the need to recap! Here they are:

1. The Release Of Black Panther:

One of 2018’s biggest Films; Black Panther, an American marvel blockbuster, where Africans were given a voice and contributed to the making of this movie; seeing as Black Panther is an entity that speaks about Africa and having African influences in the movie was cool, it really added to the authenticity and reliability of the movie. People came decked out in their African attire to watch this marvel film in cinemas. Besides the positive turn up we also had a lot of familiar faces sharing the big screen with some of Hollywood’s biggest heavy weights. We had the great John Kani (South African), Connie Chiume (South African) and Ntanda Kani (South African) playing along Michael B Jordan Lupita Nyongo, Chadwick Boseman and Angela Basset. Talk about a stellar line up!

2. The ”In My Feelings Challenge” by Drake

If Black Panther didn’t having you jumping out of your cinema seats then we really hope Drakes in my feelings had you jumping out of your cars and doing the “in my feelings challenge”. The challenge was started by Instagram comedian Shiggy who posted a video of himself dancing to the track doing the “shiggy” as he called it to “in my feelings” Drakes track taken from his latest album “Scorpion”. This sparked a mass response from an array of people including Will Smith, Ciara and Kevin Hart.

Drake - In my Feelings Challenge
Via: Time Magazine

3.  Khloé Kardashian Gives Birth To Baby True:

2018 was also a year of many firsts Khloé Kardashian (our fav Kardashian to be honest) had her first baby you guys and we are so happy for her. True is a super cute baby – I mean look at all those cute baby rolls!! We always thought Khloé would be one of those women who just never had any kids then BAM out of the blue – she announced the news on Instagram with a picture of Tristan wrapping his arms around her gorgeous baby bump. This is her first child and his second.

4. Meghan Markle Markle & Prince Harry Get Married:

Along with many firsts we have the union of Meghan Markle (37) and Prince Harry (34). This relationship is far from your normal expected royal fairy tale as Meghan is the first black “princess” in our eyes This is Meghan’s second marriage and Harry’s first. Honestly we were so jealous but we totes here for inclusivity and change; something the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’ marriage definitely embodies.

Let us know in the comments below some of your favourite 2018 moments in the entertainment world?

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