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Don’t touch me on my moon bag
The modern day fanny pack renaissance

The return of the fanny pack- a modern day mystery most of us had never seen coming and who’s popularity still puzzles us whenever we site the questionable ensembles they are paired with on these Cape Town streets. We have the 80s to thank for the rise of the pouch-like fashion duality, brought back to life with the aid of pop culture fashion icons like Rihanna and Bella Hadid. Giving us, the everyday style hopeful, a slight light at the end of the tunnel of confidently conquering the ‘pretty-ugly’ trend.
Also known as a ‘hands-free bag’ or so sexily termed by the British as ‘bum bag’, this must be the truest test of the allure of a foreign accent, being able to say ‘bum bag’ and pull it off appealingly.

fanny pack
Via icoolkid

Urban legend has it, this accessory was inspired by the Australian kangaroo’s pouch and further went on to become a money bag for tourists in the 80s and drugs receptacle for Ravers in the 90s. It is safe to say, it has made it through quite a few lifetimes and now joins the ranks of Crocs, bandanas, mom jeans and Birkenstocks in the pageant for most hideous item risen to sartorial chic.

Thanks to the likes of Gucci, Louis Vuitton and Coco Chanel, among other great fashion houses, who have reinvented this non-gender sack, the trickle-down effect has us societal bystanders visually exposed to everyone from your puberty-juggling awkward teen sibling, to striving model hopeful or die-hard Asap Rocky fan, providing their street wear contribution of be it camo, neon or even furry versions of this walking advertising space.

Rihanna fanny pack
via Tom and Lorenzo

A modern day type friendship bracelet, the zipper laden fabric-square shows acceptance into the not-so-secret social secret tribe. The most reaction provoking, yet we admit eye-catching none the less, outfit, who’s aesthetic is completed by the final touch of the added bum bag, deeming as initiation into the club.

Celebs wearing fanny packs
Source: The Cut

This teen coming-of-age badge has grown into a clip-on confidence boost. As superheroes reach for their cape in taking to the crime filled night, so trendy socialites grab for their zip-up alter-ego in taking to the city streets. Forget wearing the pelt skin of our first slayed animal, this new age has us wearing the moon bag of our first street fashion slay instead.

As Vogue has it: “Alas, due to our old fascination with throwback clothing, the fanny pack has been vindicated.” What do you think of the return of the fanny pack? Let us know in the comments below.

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