According to Mark Schneider, “The easiest way to categorise a fad is one word: short-lived.” The primary difference between fashion and a fad is that fashion has the potential to be a long-term influencer, while a fad typically only lasts for a season or even less than a season. Summer 18/19 is going to be full of both new and relived trends, and all we want to ask you is, are these trends fashion or fads?

The Wild Child:

Leopard print, cheetah print and snakeskin.This relived trend is so versatile, you can dress it up with a mini dress, jacket or boots, or way down with loose tie-tops and mini-skirts. CottonOn is even selling leopard print cozzies that you can now purchase in-store and online. You can even take it a step further and wear more than one print, get this, at the same time! However, this trend has repeated itself so many times, we can expect that it’ll die down soon and resurface in a few years. We predict that this trend is ultimately a fad.

Leopard Print Fashion
Image via: Clique Inc


You don’t have to worry about matching your outfits this summer because two-piece sets have got you covered, with fun colours and prints from pastel to bold, polkadots to florals. You can play matchy-matchy with tie-tops and flowy pants, bandeaus and mini-skirts, even jackets and pants for the colder weather. You can even be a rebel and mix-n-match two different two-piece sets #mindblown. We predict that this trend is fashion.

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Is it just us, or are we back in 2010? The lumo craze is back, and almost every second costume or festival set is on it. Luminescent orange, yellow, green, blue and pink has got us feeling like a pack of Stabilo highlighters and we kinda like it. Although, we have seen this trend come and go, and predict that it wont stay for very long. We predict that this trend is forever a fad.

Image via: The Shopaholic ZA

Buckle Me Up:

Once again, utility has become a style. Fashion experts have decided to throw buckles onto everything from bikinis to leather jackets. Who would have thought that a bulky latch could look so sexy. But will this look last? We don’t think so. We predict that this trend is a fad.

Cheetah Underboob Bikini
Image via: Pinterest

Pro-Cyclist (kinda):

Yes, we just came back from a three hour cycle, threw on this cute band tee and these hoop earrings and came to brunch. Yes, we are lying. Girls everywhere are sporting Kim-K-inspired cycle shorts, and we are personally here for it! We love that you can dress this trend up or down with some sneakers or heels, but the (devastating) question is, in five years, will we look back and cringe? We predict that this trend is a fad.

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This summer is all about saving the turtles & dolphins and replacing our plastic bags and packets for more eco-friendly substitutes but hopefully we can make sure this trend is more than just a fad. Soft and hard woven bags are all the rage right now, and look super cute with any summery outfit – whether you’re going to the beach, a brunch date with bae or even sun-downers with the girls. No matter how eco-friendly and cute this trend is, it seems that it may be short-lived. We predict that this trend is unfortunately a fad.

Fashion Accessory bag
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What was once strictly a utility piece, has now become one of the most popular fashion accessories – especially during festival season. Moon-bags aka. “fanny-packs” go with almost any outfit: a cute mini-dress for brunch, a body-suit and leather jacket for a night-out, even sweats and sneakers for an early-morning lecture. As much as we love this trend and its versatility, it’s one of those that will probably fade away and slowly but surely become ‘vintage’. We predict that this trend is sadly a fad.

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Do you know of any other fashion items that you would consider a fashion or fad? We are dying to know – let us know in the comments below!

Stay TrendE.