By Greta Grayson

It’s 2018 and The Bratz Pack is back. You may remember The Only Girls with a Passion for Fashion from your childhood, the hours of time you could spend mixing and matching outfits and putting on doll scale fashion shows. Now that the Bratz are back, we take a look at how the new style holds up against the iconic looks of the original dolls.

Bratz dolls
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Stepped Onto The Scene:

Bratz dolls made their first appearance in the doll market in 2001. They were designed to look like exaggerated versions of teenagers, wearing the latest fashions and having their faces absolutely beat with makeup. During their first Christmas on the market Bratz became a hit. When they first came out, Bratz wore clothes reminiscent of those that an early 2000s pop star would wear. Unlike Barbie, Bratz were unconcerned with creating ‘timeless’ looks – and instead only dressed on-trend.

The Clapback:

But despite their popularity, there were always people who disapproved of the heavy makeup and skimpy clothes the dolls wore. And during the initial run from 2001 to 2009 the Bratz continued to have sultry looks, sexy fashions and impeccable makeup.

Bratz are back
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Bratz Looks In Real Life:

As recently as October 2017, makeup gurus were recreating iconic Bratz looks. Popular YouTuber, Safiya Nygaard, did a video in March of 2018, on dressing up as Bratz dolls that managed to rack up five million views.

Controversy, Law Suits And Failures:

There were a few different makeup styles and body types that MGA experimented with due to a lawsuit that they lost to Mattel (the company that makes Barbie). But the real controversy happened during the 2015 reboot. The 2015 dolls had a totally revamped look. No more demure looks, no more alluring outfits – now they had ‘cute’ faces and ‘relatable’ gen z clothes. But they were an absolute failure. Why? Because they lacked anything resembling fashion. MGA slapped the word ‘selfie’ on shirts and gave them hamburger shoes (yes, seriously, hamburger shoes).

Bratz dolls
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Why Did It Not Work?

The reason this reincarnation failed so badly was due to the lack of fashion inspiration. MGA clearly tried to cash in on pop culture and have the new dolls relate to the younger half of gen z. But there was nothing relatable about them, because nobody dresses like that. People won’t buy what they can’t relate to. In this day and age where everyone is more fashion conscious than ever, nobody wants a doll that doesn’t reflect the current fashion trends.


And now we come to 2018. A brand new Amazon exclusive collector’s edition designed by Hayden Williams – fashion illustrator and designer. And while the new dolls left much to be desired, (seriously, what are Yasmin’s boots?) they were still absolutely gorgeous.

Via: @officialbratz Instagram

The general public were left reeling and excited when news hit the mainstream of the new release. People were excited about the nostalgia factor. However, Bratz collectors had been griping for months at that point. Despite the general negative amongst reaction amongst collectors – due to poor quality control – when the dolls finally began shipping out, people were generally pleased with the beauty as well as overall looks of the dolls when Amazon replaced their wonky dolls.

Bratz dolls new
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If this line does well we hope that Bratz will eventually make it back onto shelves in toy stores, to grace us with more iconic looks and cute accessories. Are you a Bratz fan? Let us know in the comments!

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