By Ra-eesa Chotia

Get SKIN-NY This Summer – with these 5 Tips For Clear Skin.

No matter how old or young we are, we are never safe from the occasional zit or everyday oily messes that are our skin! Unfortunately, pimples do not discriminate and can hit you unexpectedly or for some people EVERY DAY OF THEIR LIVES. Feeling embarrassed to walk out of the house because your complexion is stopping you? Feel the need to cover up your face when someone is looking at you because you are afraid they might spot the spots on your face? Most of us suffer from pimple paranoia and that is why we put together these tips to give you a confident complexion. The tips are listed below from the most expensive to the cheapest alternatives.

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1. Skincare Routine:

Three things: facial wash, skin toner and facial lotion. Nothing says self-care more than a skincare routine and we know the perfect product for you! Alcare Aloe Skin products are great for combination skin. We suggest the Cleansing Gel (with aloe and olive) for all skin types, Skin Toner for all skin types with the Day/Night lotion for oily to combination skin. These aloe, olive and cucumber combination products are sure to rejuvenate your skin and are worth the cost. They last long, will help you feel refreshed and pampered and will bless you with the smooth skin in which you deserve!

The Prices:

Alcare Cleansing Gel:R90
Alcare Skin Toner:R80
Alcare Day/Night lotion: R120

The Stores:

The products can be bought from selected Checkers and Checkers Hyper stores. The products can also be purchased online at

2. Dove Soap:

Yes, as seen in ads, dove soap is applicable to cleansing your face when it comes to pimples. It is affordable, quick and easy to use. It may not be suitable for all skin types but will  cleanse your skin and moisturize it simultaneously if it is. Try it out once to see how you react. It is a cheap and effective solution to your skin dilemma.

The Price:

One bar of soap costs – R17,24

The Store:

Pick n Pay

Dove Soap Bar
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3. Glycerin Soap:

Scentless products are perfect for those of us whose skin is easily irritated by perfumes but are too busy to implement a full skin routine. Glycerin soap is good for dry and sensitive skin but we have found that the soap’s cleansing factor works way too well. We then recommend a lotion be used after washing your face with the soap to restore moisture.

The Price:

Varies from R14,29 upwards.

The Store:


Glycerin Soap
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You have probably heard this one a billion times and you will hear it a billion times more. Drinking water is a habit that needs to be learnt if you want to your skin to be on fleek. Yes, we know, not all of us are water junkies but we can be if we take baby steps. I promise that four glasses a day will turn into gallons by the end of the month.

The Store:

Any convenient or grocery store (if bottled of course)

5. Candy Cut-offs:

No, candy cut-offs are not pieces of candy that have been cut off. They are restrictions you put on your candy consumption.This tip is extremely challenging because sweets are addictive and one piece is never enough. We know that Bar-One looks great but wouldn’t your skin look even greater if you did not eat it.Take a break from all that cake and you will give your skin a break. Once you stop your candy shenanigans you might suffer from withdrawal but you will get over it and trust us, nothing is sweeter than the smooth skin aftermath.

The Store:

None. Stay away from any store.

No Candy
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These are our tips for improving your skin. We hope it helped! Do not forget: good skin = good confidence. Feel comfortable in your skin with these affordable tips!

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Do you know of any other skin-care products and tips that we should know about? Let us know in the comments below!

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