The Cape’s Top Ramen & Izakaya Bar:

Oishi! Oishi! Oishi! For those who aren’t fluent in Japanese, “Oishi” (美味しい) refers to a colloquially used adjective for tasty food. Normally paired with the eye-closing, lip-smacking gastronomical euphoria induced by well-made Japanese food. As fans of the culture seeking a state of perpetual food Zen, we sought out to find the best spot in Cape Town to quench our thirst for the oriental beauty of Japanese cuisine, that doesn’t feel too far from home. Cut-cue to the Three Wise Monkeys Izakaya & Ramen bar, a spunky yet quaint little gem hidden at 77 Regent Rd, Sea Point.

Three Wise Monkeys
Images via: Facebook Three Wise Monkeys

Three Wise Monkeys:

In the mood for some late Sunday afternoon lunch, we wandered into the cozy restaurant and were instantly welcomed by a friendly gentleman gleefully ushering us to an open seat, the peppery smell of broth and freshly steamed buns enthralling our senses. Smells just like Obachan used to make!

Three Wise Monkeys
Via: Facebook Three Wise Monkeys

What’s On The Menu?

For those not familiar with the Asian street food scene, Izakaya encompasses Japanese bars selling a variety of small dishes at relatively low prices, meant to accompany your alcoholic beverage of choice. Staying true to the original Japanese concept (alongside an ambitious assortment of craft beers, wines and cocktails).Three Wise Monkeys boasts a vast menu of quirky starters, flavorful ramen, fresh sushi, silky smooth bao buns as well as light deserts, of which include the oh-so- kawaii Japanese mochi. Needless to say, we were the most eager patrons they would have that day!

The Staple Chicken Ramen:

Diving right in, chopsticks first, we ordered the staple: Chicken ramen. The dish on arrival was incontestably Instagramable and consisted of miso ramen noodles, tangy pickled mushrooms, perfectly charred miso yaki corn, spinach, some zesty sliced leeks and unequivocally succulent pulled chicken. Its contents all swimming gleefully in an aromatic chicken-based broth concocted soulfully by the chef, whom you may want to give a hearty thumbs-up to as you see him working his magic in the kitchen. Before we knew it, we were at the end of the meal and were already considering options for our next visit!

Chicken RamenAt the end of it all, small nook & cranny eateries never cease to surprise with their inconspicuous location and memorable cuisine. With their penchant for hearty soup-based noodles, crisp cocktails and bubbly staff, Three Wise Monkeys takes a definite top spot on our weekend dining lists. Pop in for a quick Tempura panko bao bun or maybe a refreshing Sake Monkey cocktail with the mates, this Japanese gem won’t let you or your appetite down. Itadakimasu, happy eating!

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