By Josie Mooi

How To Start & End Your Week With These Crazy Food Specials:

Monday Madness: Trenchtown

We all know how Mondays can be stressful and tiring, the start of a new work week – argh! But now we can say YAY to Mondays and goodbye to Monday blues because Trenchtown in trendy observatory aka Obs have a crazy Monday madness special that we absolutely love, besides who doesn’t need a bit of madness in their lives.

Trench Town
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Trench Town Food Specials:

This crazy special and we mean crazy because imagine for just a hundred bucks, yes only a hundred bucks, this will get you all the pizza and drinks your tummy can handle, and what better way to start of your week with a bang. This amazing food special will have you smiling all the way to the weekend.Get your week right by ending that dreaded Monday at Trenchtown. Trust us with this special you will be smiling from ear to ear.

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The special runs from 6pm – 10pm so it still gives you enough time to make it there and a good 4 hours to stuff your face #eatyourheartout. The ambiance of this place is just so chilled, perfect to unwind and relax after a long day, choose to either sit inside or outside by the garden or play some foosball in between delicious pizza munches or just maybe sit back and watch your favorite sports match, there is so much on offer. The vibe is amazing the pizzas are yummy and the drinks delicious, with lots of entertainment on the side, what more could you ask for? And all for just a hundred bucks.

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Crazee Sundaze:

We all know how lazy Sundays can be we don’t really want to do anything let alone cook, the mere thought of cooking can make us sink into our beds and couches even more, but with this crazy food special you will want to go out! In fact you have to go out because this is not to be missed.

Fat Cactus
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Fat Cactus Food Specials:

So leave the cooking for another boring day in the week and head out to Fat Cactus in Woodstock, they have a crazy Sunday special between 12 and 1 where tacos and drinks are half price. In the mood for a little bit of Mexican flair in your life then this is the place to go, why we love this place is because of all the options, choose from a crispy corn, soft flour or even have it as a salad, with a variety of options you can choose from, for the carnivores there a variety of meaty options or if you are less meat inclined you can go with the fish, vegetarian or a vegan option. There is something for everyone.

The Dranks:

There is also a variety of drink options to choose from not forgetting their famous signature drink called the iceberg which is a 500ml SAB draught topped with an iceberg of frozen lime margarita, which is a definite must try.

Fat Cactus Drinks
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So you started your week off right with some pizza madness now end it off with some tacos and an ice cold drink to leave you well chilled and relaxed for the week ahead!

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