As little children, we play pretend a lot of the time; we pretend to be firemen, ballerinas, nurses, and aliens – the potential we hold at that age is virtually unlimited. As we mature into adults, we no longer enjoy that luxury, your identity is determined by and becomes the property of those around you, every one of whom expecting something different from you. What if we told you that there is a place you can go and become whomever you choose to be? A haven for hard-working Capetonians and tourists alike, where the only identity that is important is the one you portray. At Incognito, the name says it all; come as yourself and become anyone…or just settle in with some good friends and have a cold beer, whichever most tickles your fancy.

Image via: Facebook @Incognitocpt

Incognito Bar:

Incognito is strategically nestled behind the Alphen Hotel in Constantia, in what was previously the home of the Rose Bar. Its picturesque setting allows you to experience a sense of total escape from the hustle-and-bustle of the Mother City and momentarily abandon your responsibilities – even if it is just to enjoy a cocktail on a balmy summers evening. With a fully stocked bar, a tapas menu of an international standard and waiters on the ready, you certainly won’t be left wanting as you look out over a crystal-clear pool, listening to the muffled voices of recreationalists on the popular Alphen trail not far away.

The Decor & Atmosphere:

At this point you may be thinking to yourself, “What a splendid summer spot, but what about the Cape’s rainy winters?”. Well, if this is the case, you’ll be thrilled to note that your new fave lounge and bar was renovated with the inevitable season change in mind. Fully enclosed with glass sliding doors, indoor temperature control throughout and insulated finishes were all fitted for your comfort during the cooler months when cocktails and sundowners turn into red-wine dates next to the fireplace.

Via: Facebook @Incognitocpt

What’s On The Menu?

Incognito is an absolute MUST for Cape Town’s foodie community! Our favourites were the Rocket Walnut Pesto Bruschetta, the Asparagus Pizzette with added Prosciutto (just because!) and the Lemony Calamari with Salt and Black Pepper. Mosey on over to their website to check out the rest of the menu and reserve yourself a spot for you and your friends.

Remember to always drink responsibly if you have had one to many cocktails and drinks – there is an Uber Pick-Up Point just outside the hotel. Or, if you are feeling particularly extravagant, book yourself into the Alphen Hotel for the night, and enjoy a leisurely brekkie at La Belle the following morning – Magnifique!

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