Are We Doing This Dating Thing In 2019?

Let’s face it millennials have totally lost the the plot when it comes to dating. Dates have been replaced with “come visit me”, casual hookups have become synonymous with love and everyone wants the perks of a relationship without actually committing. It’s like “hey I like you but I don’t really want to commit right now but let’s act like we together…as friends”. We all know how it goes, but we at TrendE are switching up the dating scene. Here’s a few ways to help you be successful at dating in 2019:


1. Make Your Intentions Known And Clear From The Get Go!

We cannot stress this enough. This is really where we go wrong. Not being sure as to where this will go and what the end goal is, is always what complicates things. Boys and Girls speak up! If your end goal is to be in a relationship then articulate this to the person you with. It might be an uncomfortable conversation but it’s crucial. Also saves you the hassle of having to ask months down the line “what are we”.

2. We Just Getting To Know Each Other:

We understand that dating is a serious long term commitment and rushing into it isn’t a wise choice; however, do not take too long “getting to know each other.” That is where boredom kicks in and the eyes start to wonder. Timing is everything don’t take too long to want to commitment, however don’t be too fast as UB40 said “wiseman said, only fools rush in.” It’s actually just a matter of how fast or slow you want things to go.
Dating in 2019

3. Demand To Be Exclusive Or Walk Away:

Listen: the harsh truth is you get what you allow. Exclusivity might not be a guarantee that the end goal which is to date will be achieved but it will establish a standard that you expect to be the only individual in that person’s life as you are not going to expect anything less than that. If that person cannot offer you that then you already know that in terms of being serious and being stable that person cannot give you that right now.

Dating In 2019

4. Allow The Individual To Pursue You:

This will show just how much of an effort this individual is willing to put into having you as their significant other. As human beings we love the chase so don’t make it too easy. You a whole entire catch and need to be wooed before settling.

5. Make Sure The Feeling Is Mutual:

We cannot stress this enough!!! For anything to even work out there has to be a common feeling between the two of you. We promise if the feeling isn’t requited it will be challenging. Find someone that likes you as much as you like them and from there you can build on further. Saves you the trouble of being insecure and uncertain about where you stand with the individual. Also for heavens sake tell the person you like them, it’s not that deep hey.

Dating In 2019

6. Compromise:

Before you roll your eyes hear us out. The fact is you never going to find someone that ticks all your boxes but you going to get someone that comes close to ticking them all. This is where you need to decide if you can stand being with this individual regardless of the things they fall short of. Isn’t that what Beyoncé taught us anyways? To make lemonade out of lemons?


7. Let Go Of Any Past Relationships Hindering You From Moving On:

Many millennials are prisoners of their past relationships. Because of this bondage some individuals take forever to get into another relationship meanwhile their exes have moved on. In order to embrace any form of new love you need to be open to new beginnings.

Dating In 2019We would love to hear if any of you are planing on dating in 2019 and if so let us know in the comments bellow if our two cents came in handy!


Stay TrendE.