By Tina Hadjidakis

Queen of social media

We all know that Kylie Jenner is and will always be the QUEEN of social media. However, the 21-year-old was surprisingly dethroned from this title in the past week as an image of an egg became the all time most liked photo on Instagram, surpassing Kylie’s previously held record.

Breaking the internet

On 6th February 2018, Kylie Jenner ‘broke the internet’ when she revealed an image of her newly born daughter, Stormi Webster, for the first time. This picture portrayed the adorable baby girl holding onto her young mother’s thumb. Due to a cuteness overload, the Instagram post attracted millions of admirers and became the most liked image on the social media platform with 18 million likes.

Stormi WebsterNearly one year later, an anonymous individual made the decision to challenge this record by posting a stock image of an egg onto Instagram. This world famous stranger who goes by the name ‘Eugene the egg’, was given the idea after reading an article about the top 20 Instagram posts of 2018.

Most liked photo on InstagramEggscuse me – who are you?

He/She wanted to break the world record with an image that was incredibly simple. The unidentified person also mentioned the fact that an egg could represent the frailties of celebrity culture and therefore was a suitable choice. At first, the post did not gain great popularity. However, with time, it spread like wildfire across Instagram and within 10 days the record had been broken. The new total stands at an astounding 39 million likes and counting. Who would have thought that a picture of an egg could beat Kylie Jenner’s record?

Above and beyond this, who would have thought that the person to break this record would be anonymous. The only detail that the stranger was prepared to share with the world, was that he/she is ‘an individual living in London’.The Instagram account of this egg started off with 400 followers and now boasts a whopping 5,6 million followers.

Breaking the egg

Shorty after the news broke, Kylie took to Instagram with a comical video captioned ‘take that little egg’ where she is seen cracking an egg on a what-seemed-to-be boiling hot road. The star did not appear to be genuinely hurt or upset about losing the record as bursts of laughter are evident in the background of the clip. Although we do feel bad for Kylie Jenner and her loss, we are also weirdly proud to learn that an ordinary individual was able to achieve such an extraordinary target.

Setting the record straight

Ellen Degeneres then said on her talk show that she is going to combine the egg and Kylie Jenner’s face to combine the two most liked images into one – and challenge that image to be the most liked.

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