We’ve started out 2019 with a bang and so far, – all our New Year’s resolutions are still (surprisingly) standing. Healthy living has never been cooler. Yogis are becoming trendsetters with “Get the Yogi Beauty look” (looks inspired by being active, glowing and sing it – a NATURAL WOMAN). We’ve seen the rise of green juices and people are generally more aware of what they eat and drink. BUT.

People socializingThen we get to a social get together, pre-drinks and we all knows what happens next. Sure – we have alternative, healthier alcoholic drinks (whiskey + water) – but how terribly boring and to be frank, so last year. Then we are also confronted with the idea of drinking and driving. And we know we can Uber but it is just much more convenient to travel yourself and Uber gets super pricey, really quickly.

The Universe seems to have aligned. We happen to stumble across an Instagram page that is offering all the answers we so desperately were searching for. A healthy, trendy alternative: ARTEMIS. 

The owner, Phia Le Roux, created the drink because she felt like she was eating healthily and was exercising enough to be considered “balanced.” Yet, like a lot of us, she struggled to cut down on her alcohol intake when she was in a social environment and when she did, she kind of felt left out. Now if that is not #relatable – we do not know what is.

This brand also tackled the other problem / gap in the market: yes, there are gin and tonic non-alcoholic alternatives – but what about vodka tonic? ARTEMIS has solved all our problems.

The name

ARTEMIS is named after the Greek virgin Goddess of the moon and wildlife. This name is so well-suited to the brand and all that comes with it. We had a little chuckle when we put two-and-two together about the virgin Goddess and virgin drink. The wildlife is a very important part of the brand, it seems, as well.

The bottle is manufactured from recyclable glass and the “mocktail” is also made from various botanicals.

ARTEMIS drinksTaste

Yes – we’ve given you a background to this disruptive brand – but we know you are all here for the taste. ARTEMIS has quite a bitter taste, but like any good bitter product (coffee, dark chocolate) – it is hard to resist. Now, we’re not saying that we have a tasting palette of a wine connoisseur but we do know that we loved it. It has a lemon peel, grapefruit type of taste with a underlying taste of vodka. It is basically a healthier, non-alcoholic vodka tonic.

yacht partyHealth benefits

Yes, the craze is real. Healthy is hip and happening and most definitely TrendE. ARTEMIS has two Karoo botanical ingredients in: Sceletium and Sutherlandia. And by not pretending to know anything about these ingredients, we did some research. These “Uplifting botanicals” reduces stress, tension and anxiety and that it is the reason why drinking ARTEMIS is a refreshing alternative to alcohol – It still takes the edge off, but alcohol- and hangover free!

Other than the botanicals, you can also be happy to hear that it is real, fresh lemon juice in the mix. If you don’t believe us – the drink sometimes “separates” because of the fresh lemon. If this happens, only one reaction should be stirred up: delight. This means that you are giving your body an unfiltered, natural drink.

And if you’re still not convinced, it is seriously low in sugar. Each bottle only has 179kJ.

Girl drinkingWhere to buy

Do you know what we love even more than healthier alternatives and achieving our goals? We’ll tell you. A company that makes it so easy for you to get their product. You can buy ARTEMIS through Yuppiechef: online and hassle-free. So if you don’t believe us, believe Yuppiechef, because they have the best products.

You can purchase a 4-pack for R79!

All we have left to say is: THANK YOU, ARTEMIS. We now have a reason to be alcohol-free, TrendE and super healthy. Are you going to try ARTEMIS? Let us know in the comments below.