Lee Daniels, the Empire creator and two-time Oscar winner, is giving us the superhero movie we didn’t know we needed. Step aside Avengers, SuperBitch, the first gay lead in a superhero movie, is here.

Lee DanielsWe’re sure we’ve all seen at least one of SuperBitch’s videos on any social media platform. Dremon Cooper, aka SuperBitch, became famous after his videos went viral. He wears thigh high, pink stiletto boots and beats up bad guys doing martial arts and enough flips to make you dizzy. When Dremon Cooper was a child he was bullied for being gay.

First gay super heroHe enrolled in martial arts classes and once he had some practice, he literally beat up his bullies until no one messed with him anymore. Check out some of his videos here:

Lee Daniels announced this on his Instagram. He said in a video, with SuperBitch, ” Do you all remember maybe 10, 12 years ago I said my dream was to make a gay superhero film? Dreams do come true. And I found my superhero. ” with a beaming SuperBitch beside him.

Just a few days before the movie announcement, Daniels posted a video on his Instagram speaking about how his nephew was beaten up for being gay and how we should stand together to combat this issue. He said in his video “I’m compelled to talk to my gay brothers and sisters, youth and adult, to tell you it’s okay to be who you are, to stand firmly in your shoes and be exactly who you want to be.”

Times are changing but a lot needs to be done. Leave us a comment down below saying where you’re here for this movie or not.

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