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Anne Hirsch studied drama at the one and only university that pumps, ‘Stellies’. She completed her Honours and Master’s degree in Theatre and Performance at the University of Cape Town. She decided to start her own YouTube show ‘The Anne Hirsch Show’ that is honestly the funniest South African comedy to watch! During the show, she interviews some of South Africa’s top celebrities. We’re taking a look at our favourite episodes on the show, her career as a whole and also the big, fat LOLs we had along the way.

Anne Hirsch
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Anne has won a few awards during her career which include ‘SABC’s ‘So You Think You’re Funny’ competition – which was a stand-up comedy competition for new acts in and around South Africa! She has also had the privilege to perform on some of South Africa’s biggest comedy stages which include: Kings & Queens of Comedy and Blacks Only.

Anne was crowned Women of the Year in Glamour Magazine back in 2013. Oh, and let us not forget that she is the co-host for The Great South African Bake Off, which airs on BBC Lifestyle!

The Anne Hirsch Show:

Here at TrendE – we always save the best for last… Anne started her own show on YouTube called The Anne Hirsch Show. If you haven’t watched her show yet on YouTube, we suggest that you get started  – we can guarantee that your tummy will be sore with laughter after you are done watching her videos! So we are going to tell you what every YouTube does: ‘’LIKE & SUBSCRIBE’’ to her channel now!

The Anne Hirsch Show
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She has interviewed some of South Africa’s popular celebrities and politicians which include: Gareth Cliff, Jack Parow, J Something, Marc Lottering, Jonathan Boynton-lee, Helen Zille, SuzelleDIY, Maps Maponyane, and even Professor Tim Noakes!

The Interview:

We managed to steal Anne Hirsch for a few moments out of her busy schedule and ask her a few questions. Here’s what she had to say:

Anne Hirsch
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1. What are your favourite hobbies & interests?

Stalking to celebrities and hanging out with my best friend Angelina Jolie. 

2. What made you start your own YouTube show?

I wanted to find a way that I could be a lot closer to celebrities. I knew I would be best friends with all of these people if they just met me IRL…so I started The Anne Hirsch Show. Cunning/genius plan. 

Anne Hirsch Show
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3. What advice can you give to up and coming YouTubers In South Africa? 

Don’t do it. I don’t want to compete with more YouTube Channels. Become a Lawyer or a Doctor guys, come on!

4. Which two celebrities were your most favourite to interview on your show? 

All the besties on my show have been incredible and I love them all equally. But there have been some pretty exciting moments like being bench-pressed by DJ Fresh, rapping with Jack Parow, dancing with Emo Adams, going Voortrekker with Karen Zoid and of course doing drum majorettes with Helen Zille.

Anne Hirsch
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4. What is your favourite place to visit in the Mother City?

Probably the Promenade. If there is a celebrity in Cape Town, guaranteed they will go for a walk on the prom so it’s the best place to go celeb-watching/making new besties.

7. Who is your fav South African comedian?

Tumi Morake for the win!

Kurt Darren and Anne Hirsch
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Our Top 5 Episodes from The Anne Hirsch Show:

We absolutely love The Anne Hirsch Show and we wanted to fill you in on our favourite episodes from her show! Check them out down below!

The Anne Hirsch Show
Image via: Channel 24

1. Tim Noakes:

Professor Tim Noakes was interviewed on the show and we cannot stop laughing. They had so much banter! Get it? I mean – could we please have an episode two already?

2. SuzelleDIY:

Anne has also interviewed Cape Town’s most popular YouTuber – SuzelleDIY.  We wonder if Suzelle gave Anne ‘a lolly to make her extra jolly’ after the show? Check out the full episode here: 

3. Artist – Joao Da Fonseca AKA J Something:

J Something has ALSO been featured on the show. We adore love the singer and we think he is super hunky and dreamy. I mean – we have never been to heaven but we are pretty sure that is where he comes from his angelic face look at it! We wish we were his bestie too! Check out the episode here: 

4. Kurt Darren:

What a throwback! ”Kaptien, Kaptein – span die seile…” (Okay we will stop singing now – we will stick to our day job for now). Anne has also interviewed the one and only Afrikaans singer we know Kurt Darren! Check out the full episode here: 


5. Politician – Helen Zille:

Helen Zille was also featured on the show! Watch the full episode of the drum majorettes here. Who knows maybe you can learn a few dance moves or two? Ps: You might just see Helen Zille twerking as well.

If you would like to subscribe to her channel and show on YouTube click here:

We want to know which are your favourite episodes from the Anne Hirsch Show? Let us know in the comments below!

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