The wildly popular YouTube family is taking a break from creating content and being in the public eye. Their YouTube channel has 15,399,628 subscribers and is known for creating cute videos of their family, their relationship and also their adorable children.

The ace family

When did they start?

Austin and Catherine started out with their first YouTube video back in 2016. Since then, the videos have been about their proposal, surprising a fan, and even the labour and delivery of their second daughter, Alaia.

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My 3 señoritas 💙

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Although the family has a lot of subscribers and a lot of support from their “internet fam” – controversy seems to follow them wherever they go. We reported in September that the family allegedly “faked” their house robbery and posted a video onto their YouTube channel filming the cops, which left everyone suspicious whether the event actually occurred or if they were just staging it to increase their following!

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Did the ACE Family fake their house robbery?

The controversy did not seem to stop there – the family also claimed that a charity basketball event will receive a donation of $100,000 but on the day the cheque was written out for $75,000. The YouTube sphere started calling them liars and scammers.

Penis-shaped lollipop

Austin uploaded a video on Instagram where he can be seen in an adult shop with a minor – not his own child. What is making matters worse, is that the video shows how McBroom gives the minor a penis-shaped lollipop. This was the last straw for concerned viewers and it may have been the reason for the ACE family now announcing their break from the internet.


Catherine and Austin “broke the news” via, non other than, a YouTube episode on their channel. In the video, the couple explains “what those reasons are” for them taking a break “although it is not really a break.” Catherine reveals in the episode is that they “just want to be positive.”

The couple hints in the video that they will not say for how long they will be taking a hiatus but did claim that they will be back and better than ever and plans to give fans an insight look of what a day in the life of the ACE family is actually like.

Ace Family

Mental and physical break

During the video, the YouTube sensations explain that they have not taken a break longer than week and that they need a “mental and physical break.” Another reason is that their lives have been incredibly hectic – having a new born and having a lot of changes happening in a short time.

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The ACE family extended team have also, reportedly, “not been handling things the right way.” Catherine then reported that this is the reason why their merchandise ran out of stock and also why their app has not been updated with the latest news. During this “break that is not really a break” they will be focusing on getting everything regarding their brand to a place where they feel happy with it.

Secret project!

The couple revealed that they won’t let their subscribers down and leave them high and dry – they are working on a secret project (a documentary) launching February the 23rd. Hint: their videographer has been living with the family for the past month! They are calling it “Season 2 of the ACE Family.” Austen says that the documentary will share “a lot of things” about the family. Here is the trailer:

Are you excited about the documentary? And what do you think about the controversy that seems to follow this YouTube family?

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