The amazing Mabel

It’s likely that if you have turned your radio on recently, you’ll have been greeted by the amazing artist, Mabel.


Mabel McVey, professionally known as Mabel, is a British singer and songwriter who is taking the world by storm. The 22 year old was born in Málaga and raised in London. Mabel had her big breakthrough in 2017, with “Finders Keepers” which became her first UK top-10 single with over 38 million views on YouTube. The young artist is nominated for the British Breakthrough Act at the upcoming 2019 Brit Awards at the upcoming 2019 Brit Awards.

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Mabel started her career in 2015 with her debut single, “Know Me Better”. In 2017 she impacted the UK charts with “Finders Keepers” reaching number 8 on the UK Singles Charts. She has since released a lot of music as well as a mix tape, Ivy to Roses (link).


The song list for Ivy To Roses include:

  1. Come Over
  2. Begging
  3. Finders Keepers (feat. Kojo Funds)
  4. Ivy
  5. Low Key
  6. Roses
  7. Weapon
  8. Passionfruit
  9. Finders Keepers (Remix) (feat. Kojo Funds, Burna Boy & Don-E)

Opening in Style

Mabel opened for Harry Styles during the European part of the second leg of his tour. After her tour with Styles, she embarked on her own headline through the UK and Europe. In 2018 Mabel re-released her 2017 mix tape with new cover art, and songs released since the initial release. Mabel is currently working on her debut album.

The Pop, R&B artist has a lot of great music but we have a few songs that really stood out.


Thinking of you:

  • more than 7.2 million views and it was released 2 years ago on YouTube.

This song speaks about falling in love. Mabel turns the cliche of the typical love song on its head with a song that has amazing production value and the music video serves amazing visuals. This new artist has a new way of doing things and we simply love it.


Fine line:

  • more than 14 million views and it was released 1 year ago on YouTube.

This song features British Rapper Not3s. Fine Line peaked at number 11 on the UK Singles Chart, becoming her second UK hit after “Finders Keepers”. This song was included as a track on the 2018 debut mix tape, Ivy to Roses. The song is upbeat but very relaxed. Definitely a song made for road trips.

Don’t call me up:Mabel

Don’t call me up had more than 4.5 million views on YouTube in the first week!

Mabel created a lovely breakup song that is upbeat and fresh. In the music video she has her girlfriends surrounding her and they perform amazing choreography throughout. This song deserves to be blasted at full volume on any given day.

We are positive that Mabel will continue to make waves with her spectacular music. Mabel is deffs TrendE. What do you think of her music?

Stay TrendE.