Remember the saying, “What happens in the bedroom, stays in the bedroom”?? Well, we’re here to tell you it won’t stay in the bedroom if we’re able to make it fashionable!

Gone are those days when showing your bra strap was seen as bizarre or tacky. Times have changed hunnay! Nowadays you can literally wear anything, including JUST underwear. Yep, it’s quite normal to wear your underwear as outwear, after all it’s 2018 for crying out loud! Below we’ll show you exactly how to incorporate your undies in your day-to-day outfits and you might fall in love as much as we did. Just keep reading.

1. The Corset

If you’re still think corsets are just for waist transformation, you’re in for a surprise! Corsets are now waist trainers slash belts and they come in different sizes, colours, fits and materials. Here’s a few trendy ways you can rock the corset:

Image via: Imaxtree Online

2. The Harness

You might get a few side-eyes with this one, but who cares?! The harness is for fashionable daredevils who live for experimenting. Being part of the BDSM family, it’s daring and very sultry. You can pair the harness with your everyday laid-back look or as a much more sophisticated look as seen below:

Image via: Elle

3. The Bodysuit

The bodysuit has been making rounds on social media and we’re here for it! This is the most accessible piece of lingerie you can get your hands on. It can be paired with literally anything – jeans, pencil skirts or even shorts. You’ll also have a variety to pick from, whether you’re a lace or straps type’a person. They come in different colours too, so woopy!


4. Peek-a-bra

This fashion trend shows off your twins, in a good way of course! It looks best when worn with a printed shit with a few buttons open, you know make it sexy. It can also be worn over a shirt as seen below – or even beneath a see-through shirt, that’s how most celebrity’s have been doing it!


5. Slip dress & Dressing gown

This combo is the epitome of wearing your pajamas as outwear. It’s silky, comfortable and trendy. Celebrity’s such as Kim K and Selena Gomez have been experimenting with this trend and they look amazing! *heart eyes* This may be sleepwear but trust us, nobody will have Zzz on you for this so try it out! Here’s some ways to pair the two :


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Stay TrendE!