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Clearly love is in the air in South Africa at the moment, first The Bachelor, South Africa and now The Longest Date! But trust us when we tell you this that; The Longest Date is a ONE of a kind dating show! There is a mixture of romance, adventure and drama, lots and lots of drama!

The Longest Date
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Ladies!  We are so excited to see our MAIN MAN back on our television screens once again! He’s hunky, quirky and he is AB – solutely handsome…Christopher Jaftha! (If you are wondering, yes we are still crushing hard on him). He’s the OFFICIAL host of The Longest Date!

What’s All The Hype About?

Okay let’s give you the scoop on what the show is actually all about: So, 16 South African singles go on an epic journey, taking part in extreme challenges to find love and claim a prize of R100 000. How epic is that? The 16 singles are matched into couples, the couples then embark on an epic journey to find love and experience the most extreme adventures in Mpumalanga! Talk about an extreme dating show!

Episode 1: Meeting The Contestants!

Last night we were so hyped up to see all the couples and contestants that will be taking part in the show. Here they are!


The Beautiful Ladies:

The Longest date
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The Handsome Gents:

The longest date
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If you missed the first episode you can watch it here: 

We were lucky enough to steal one of the contestants Ruan Scheepers and ask him a few questions about him and his experience on the reality show: Check out the full interview below!


1. Tell us a bit about yourself?

Where do I even start? I’m 35 and still looking for love lol hence why I entered The Longest Date. I am proud of the person I am and you will see that I stand strong and firm for the LGBTQI+ community as a gay contestants on the show. I’m a lifestyle blogger vlogger based in the beautiful city of Durban Umhlanga. I always try live my life to the fullest as if each day was my last day on earth. I am a loving kind hearted soul and generally make friends easily unless you get on my wrong side then things can basically go pear shaped. But all around my smile is what sets me apart from the rest and basically being true to myself.

The Longest Date
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2. Where are you originally from?

I don’t think many people actually know but I am originally from Johannesburg and moved to the beautiful Durban in 2010, but you can call me a Durbanite now for sure.


3. What are your interests and hobbies?

Things that interest me are the paranormal, I know right that sounds so weird but I love horrors and thrillers there is just something about it that excites me. And having had some paranormal experiences in the past it still makes me craving more. My hobbies include eating cake, yes I love cake hahaha. I love travelling oh my word put me on a plane right now and I will start screaming with excitement. As much as I love seeing the world I must admit South Africa will always be home and I love it here.


4. Tell us a bit about your career?

So most people know me to be a lifestyle blogger / vlogger in the Durban community but actually I have a full time job as well as a Brand Manager for a proudly South African Fragrance company, hence why I always smell so good.

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5. What are you looking for in your ‘perfect match’?

I have learnt in the past that I am very picky and fussy when it comes to picking someone, maybe that’s why I was single at the time of entering The Longest Date. But someone who is compassionate and knows what they want in life and is driven to making their dreams and goals a reality. I guess someone that is also financially stable so that it does not put pressure on me all the time if you know what I mean.


6. What made you audition for the show?

Just the thought of winning money doing extreme adventures which I knew I would probably never have done in my life and the thrill of possibly meeting the love of your life is what made me audition for the show, most definitely a combination of the three.

The Longest Date
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7. Who is your best friend from the show?

I’m going to have to say Lana. She was my liefie and I was her bokkie. I still remember when we met at the airport and we just clicked immediately. I was the first person she made coffee for. We would speak for hours non stop and strategise how to play the game before we even knew how it worked and what we were in for. But to this day I can call her anytime and might I add we both love singing we sang so much off-camera and we would finish each others lyrics.

Ruan Scheepers
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8. Did you find love?

Mmmmm I can not confirm nor deny… stay tuned to The Longest Date to find out.


9. Was the show challenging?

The show was the most extreme thing I have ever done in my entire life, and yes it was extremely challenging, I would say it was an emotional rollercoaster. Some of the challenges for me was life threatening in the sense that I just thought it was impossible to do and many times I felt like quitting. Then I would say to myself ”I have come all this way so give it your all Ruan”. 

Ruan Scheepers
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10. Can you give us a behind the scene gossip, of what we can expect?

As much as I would love to share the juicy behind the scene gossip all I will say is just stay tuned for all the extreme adventure, lots of drama, tears, blood and sweat.

11. Tell us about your experience on the show?

Mind blowing! An experience I will never forget and always cherish for the rest of my life. I overcame so many fears inviting South Africa into my personal space and my fellow contestants. If anyone out there is still single I would suggest they audition for Season 2. It is by far a life changing experience that will humble and ground you on so many levels.

12 . What advice could you give to gay South Africans?

Just be you! Stay true to yourself but firstly accept and love yourself and I promise life will be so much easier. Yes being gay or lesbian might not be easy but God made you this way, so go out there and own it! #BEYOU

Ruan Scheepers
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13. Episode one was rather interesting, how did you feel meeting all the contestants? Who did you instantly connect with?

I am going to confess that I had the hots for both Mike and Danny they are so good on the eye. I connected very well with most of the contestants and then there were some I would probably never talk to again in my life lol. To go back Lana was the first contestant I connected with and to this day I still value her friendship (by the way did you see those guns on her?). I speak to most of the contestants on a daily basis all be it that we filmed this in 2018 already. Real friendships were made on The Longest Date and also some love stories, but you will have to stay tuned to SABC3 on Monday evenings to find out more.

Ruan Scheepers
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Will you be tuned into the next episode of The Longest Date? Let us know in the comments below!

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