We’ve all experienced our fair share of Valentines Days alone, but fear not girls, we are here to give you the all-exclusive Single Girl’s Guide to Valentines Day!

Valentines Day
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If you’re feeling a little lonely this February 14th, here is a step-by-step guide on how to spoil yourself using all that extra cash, time and love that isn’t being wasted on someone else

  • Grab your girls – yes we know some of them might have boyfs, but find your best single gal pals who understand the fun side of being happily unattached!
Valentines Day
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  • Go spend some cash money – no ‘buts’, we’re telling you, you deserve it! You know all that   money you were gonna spend on buying him choccies, cologne, and a teddy bear puuhhleeeease, girl, forget that, and treat yo’self!
  • Buy an outfit that makes you look and feel hot as hell aka. something that’ll blow up your DMs after that perfect Instagram post.
Kim Kardashian
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  • Buy tons of ice cream, chocolate, pizza, (maybe even that delish chocolate-pizza from Pizza Hut – gahhh) and of course a (few) bottle(s) of wine…
Girls Night Out
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  • Go home, and fill your lounge with pillows and blankets and some girl power tunes – anything from Dua Lipa to Little Mix to Ariana Grande and Taylor Swift of course!
  • Go home, and fill your lounge with pillows and blankets and some girl power tunes – anything from Dua Lipa to Little Mix to Ariana Grande!
Taylor Swift
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  • Put on some face masks (because every girl knows that a face mask can cure absolutely anything), do your nails and put on a little fashion show for your girls – guarantee they’ll tell you, “You’re doing great sweetie!”
Face Masks
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  • Find the cheesiest rom-com on Netflix or Showmax (PSA: anything with Channing Tatum, Matthew McConaughey or Zac Efron is always a winner!) or even just binge watch some good old Sex and the City or Mean Girls!
  • After finishing the movie with some sort of mixture of sobbing and giggling, it’s time to turn yourself into that queen we all know you are. Get ready with your girls – and remember, there’s no such thing as “too much highlight”.
Girls Night
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  • Finally, it’s time to call an Uber and head out for a girls night on the town. Now’s your chance to actually #ShakeThatBooty! But remember, even though that one guy is watching, you got your girls tonight, and they got you. #BoyBye.
Girls Night
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We told you – there’s no reason to feel down on V Day, because you’re an absolute QUEEN, whether you’re in sweats or a bodysuit, whether you got a bae or not! #YouGoGirl

and remember to…

Stay TrendE.