By Nikita Da-Cunha

Ladies we know know beauty can be a pain and we know how stressful and time consuming it can get it can be sometimes… this is why we are giving you quick and easy tips and tricks for you to try out! Read more for 10 beauty tips we think every woman should know about:

Lip Liner
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10 Beauty Tips:

1. Drying Nail Polish:

Use ice water to help your nails dry faster.

Ice Water to dry nail polish
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2. Matte Lipstick:

Make any of your favourite lipsticks matte with a loose powder and a tissue. The powder soaks up the shine in the lipstick and turns your lipstick into a really pretty matte lipstick shade.

Matte Lipstick
Image via: Chronicles of Her

3. Lip Liner:

Fill in your lips with lip liner before applying lipstick to make it last longer. We have tried this and it works ladies!

Lip Liner
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4. Hair Goals:

Braid your hair in the evening for beachy hair waves in the AM – doing/setting your hair in the evening can help you save time brow drying and straightening your hair in the AM.

Braided Hair
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5. Sleep:

Wear a silk mask and sleep on your back to avoid puffy eyes in the morning.

Sleeping with a silk mask
Image via: Headspace

6. Eye Lashes:

When applying mascara. Hold a business card behind your lashes to prevent it from getting on your lids. The business card catches all the excess mascara! BAM! You are face beat.

Mascara business card beauty tip
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7. Hair Goals:

For better hold spray your bobby pins with hair spray.

Spray your bobby pins with hair spray
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8. Broken Nail:

Ouch! Did you just break your nail? No worries you can use a tea bag to fix the broken nail. Check it out here:

9. Goodbye Shaving Cream Hello Conditioner:

Are you out of shaving cream? Instead of using shaving cream, try conditioner for a smooth shave!

Shaving your legs
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10. Makeup Remover:

On a budget and can’t buy expensive face wipes? Try removing your eye makeup with Vaseline. Rub a small amount of jelly on your tissue and wipe your eye makeup off. It is super affordable, quick and easy! Try it girls.

Image via: Female Magazine

Do YOU know of any other beauty tips?  Have you tried any of the above beauty tips? Let us know in the comments below!


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