Coffee is always a good idea and we are always on the hunt for cute places to have a cup of goodness while doing some admin work or catching up with the girls. We found a few of our favorites and couldn’t wait to share!


Truth has been declared “the best coffee shop in the world” by travel writer, Tom Midlane. This rustic coffee shop “dares to be different” with exposed metal pipes, and vintage steampunk inspired décor, from old typewriters and sewing machines to long wooden tables, and candlestick telephones! This is definitely the place to escape the everyday hustle and bustle and focus on your life one sip at a time. Plus, there is free wifi for an hour which makes it a great lunch break stop.


Deluxe Coffeeworks:

Deluxe Coffeeworks is a funky coffee roastery with a rock ‘n roll atmosphere where they just seem to get it right.  Alternative people flock to this coffee shop where it seems the requirement for landing a job is to have colorful Mohawks, tattoos, and piercings which makes it a whole experience in itself!

deluxe coffeeworks

The interior is bustling with futuristic art, floating bikes and tons of machinery. They roast all of their coffee themselves and they’re environmentally conscious – donating their hessian bags to be upcycled into clothing and cushions, and their coffee grounds to the city for fertilization. We just can’t think of a reason to not try out this fantastic cafe! 

Vida e cafe:

Inspired by the street cafes of Portugal and infused with energetic and friendly on the go service, Vida is the perfect placebo stop if you are on the run.

vida e caffe

Their stores are designed for comfort, convenience, and consistency, exceeding expectations be it from the captivating smell of freshly-baked ‘pastéis de nata’ (Portuguese custard tart) or the exquisite taste of their carefully blended signature Estrela coffee, touching the soul. Being a local, we know that Vida e cafe is always the way to go.

Jarryd’s Expresso bar & eatery:

This stylish cafe is located in both Sea Point and the CBD, making it the place to be. The Scandinavian interior already catches your eye before you have tasted their decedent cappuccinos! (And amazing food, too!)

Waffles and Dessert

The staff has always been attentive and loyal to their customers, especially their regulars, always remember their names and their “usual: order! Not only do they serve delicious coffees, but their menu varies from omelets and flapjacks to plates of pasta and burgers! A major plus for this cafe is their free wifi making it the perfect place to zone out and get some blog writing done!

YO Goodness Cafe:

Located in Table View: right on Blouberg beach, its perfect to escape the city and visit an area that Cape Town city-dwellers seldom explore. With the uninterrupted view of Table Mountain from a completely different angle and the sky filled with kite surfing color it almost makes you feel like you’re on holiday in the tropics! They are known for their colorful Smoothie bowls and all their food s 100% vegan! You can expect to feel like a human doing good for the earth after leaving there!

Yo Goodness Cafe


The founder of this elegant cafe states that he worked in a bustling café under his food idol, Jamie Oliver in London. This is what inspired him to open his own café. Giulio’s is known for its fresh and soulful food, inspired by both the founder’s Italian heritage and love for Jamie Oliver. Whether you’re popping in for a quick coffee on your way to the office or looking for a cozy spot to get some work done, this cafe makes you feel so welcome!

Guilio's Cafe

The Melkbos Kitchen:

This one if for the “Melkbos locals”. Situated right on the beach, surfers pass as they skateboard their way to the beach, making the atmosphere relaxing and fresh.

Melkbos Kitchen

The Melkbos kitchen is known for their decadent fresh cakes and coffees as well as their sushi platters! It is perfect to get some work done mid week while listening to the ocean, or for a scenics family breakfast.

Honest Chocolate Cafe:

The name speaks for itself for this one! Oh, and of course the entire cafe smells like chocolate…If you’re chocolate and caffeine obsessed like us, you will fall in love with this place! They delicious variations of homemade chocolate tarts and cakes complete the perfect morning alongside with one of their lattes! And let’s not forget about their banana bread bunny chow with dairy-free ice cream!

Honest Chocolate Cafe

Ground Art cafe: 

Coffee, food, and art. This trendy cafe in De Waterkant brings us the best of all worlds. Order a coffee and enjoy the current art exhibition while you are there. Their fresh cakes and baked goods perfectly compliment the coffee and they serve light lunches too. Their exhibitions change often making it a different experience every time you go.

Ground Art Cafe

Dapper Coffee Co.:

If you are a bit of a petrolhead Then Dapper Coffee Co. on the corner of Bree and Strand Street is for you! You can have a delicious cup of fresh coffee while admiring old and new Porsche sports cars, Mercedes-Benz vehicles, Ferraris and more. They also do amazing breakfast deal specials!

Dapper Coffee Co

There you have it, a few of our favorite coffee hang outs!

Until next time

Stay TrendE.