Beauty Pass is an invitation-only app, which has been active for 2 years, which gives models and influencers free offers from restaurants, gyms, lounges, cafes, clubs and more. The app operates in Cape Town, New York, Milan and Hong Kong. The young, fresh-faced models are selected through fashion agencies that are registered in the app. The aim of the app is “to relieve models from costly everyday expenses and to help them save money in cities they are currently working in”. Apparently its tough being a model. Who knew?

A smokescreen

Even though the app says their goal is to help relieve models from costly expenses, this is a mere smokescreen. Beauty App is a fast, easy and cost-effective way for registered restaurants or businesses to gain exposure. Since the beginning of advertising, companies and brands have used the prettiest and most attractive bodies to market their products or services. In today’s age, social media is apart of everyone’s lives and this benefits the business and the model. The model gets a free meal or offer, posts a picture or video on their Instagram and the business is advertised to the thousands of followers who sees the post. Its actually quite smart. Here we see Miglé, a model signed to Major Models Milan, enjoying her meal from The POKÉ Co.

Registered CPT restaurants

Lekker Vegan, Station On Bree, News Cafe Table View, Scheckter’s RAW and Haas Collective are the Cape Town restaurants that are registered on Beauty Pass. But people have not taken this lying down. South Africa’s Vegan Society is up in arms after finding out about the app operating at Lekker Vegan. Many feel that there are poor people who need a free meal more than a model does. Many also feel that it is shallow for restaurants to be giving away free meals just because someone is pretty. But it is deeper than that.

lekker vegan

Lekker Vegan, lekker response

The owner and founder of Lekker Vegan, James Knaap, responded to South Africa’s Vegan Society. He said that the models do not get free food, but they offer social reach. Knaap said “I’m aware that giving free stuff to popular ‘rated’ social media people has a bit of a Black Mirror feel to it and might seem superficial, but why not use their large influence to promote the consumption of vegan food and thus promote a part of veganism?”. Knaap also said “We see it as an effective tool to promote a vegan business that is saving many lives daily with every meal sold”.

How do you feel about Beauty Pass? Do you think its a smart move for businesses or is it shallow and superficial? Let us know in the comments below.

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