SKOON. Skincare – honest, pure and non-toxic.

Is that even “good” for you?

Let’s face it. We are confronted with so many choices when it comes to skincare. We often go with products that we know the brand of – huge, massive, corporates that don’t necessarily care about you and how it will impact you in the long haul. Skincare products are often labelled as “natural” and “clinically tested,” however, this does not mean that it is exactly “good” for you.

SKOON Skincare

Hands up who has actually looked at a label of a day cream, cleanser or face wash? Not many of us, right? Right. So, if you actually do some digging – there are so many ingredients we unknowingly put on our skin that can be really harmful, make us break out more – and can even be cancerous. Scary thought? We know.

Little did we know:

If you don’t believe us, believe this website: . This website gives you the option to type in any ingredient and it will determine the risk (low, moderate, high). The categories they evaluate it on are overall hazard; cancer; developmental and reproductive toxicity; allergies and immunotoxicity; and use restrictions. Basically – brands can claim they are natural if the majority of their ingredients are labelled as “natural” and then the rest of the ingredients can be pretty terrible for your skin – and health. (Eek!!!)

SKOON Skincare

The solution is SKOON. Quite literally. 

Now knowing this, SKOON. Skincare is safer than any brands we know of. They research all their ingredients beforehand to see if it is non-toxic. They do not claim to be “natural” as this is not good enough for them and for their customers.

SKOON. is a lekker local brand, founded in Cape Town by a South African engineer, Stella Ciolli. Combining non-toxic ingredients with mad-engineering skills, SKOON. is kind of a big deal. Not only does this brand really, like really, care about you and your well-being – it cares about the environment and the little creatures in the environment as well. YES: SKOON. is ticking all the right boxes by being CRUELTY-FREE. We understand that being a tree-hugger is not in everyone’s bio but if you watch one video on WHY you should be FOR beauty-without-cruelty, SKOON. will be your go-to brand.

SKOON Skincare

Better than the rest.

Ciolli started the brand after reading “that a woman will host, on average, 515 ingredients on her body, at any given time – because of the way modern cosmetics are formulated.” This then inspired her to make a difference and create an alternative to what is already available. Now SKOON has taken off and has a fiercely female team running the show.

SKOON Skincare

The range

Their range is quite large in variety – focusing on making your face look glowy, fresh and HEALTHY. Cleansers, moisturisers, concentrates, serums, masks and exfoliators, body – it is all there. And if, by chance, you do not know what to get for your skin, there is an option “shop by concern” and even a “starter kit” to test the products.

SKOON Skincare

A sidenote:

And to add to the magic of this brand – their Instagram page is totally worth the follow. It is where art and beauty (products and people) collide!

In essence, this brand of skincare has kindness and gentleness at the core of its being. Loyal SKOON. users will tell you that what keeps them coming back to SKOON., besides a glowing, healthy skin, is the sensuality of fragrance AND the luscious essential oils.

Visit their website for all you need to start your SKOON. journey!

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